Into Her Fire

Cover Art: Into Her Fire
Into Her Fire by Meg Silver
Information and excerpt(s) for Into Her Fire: Episode 6 of Meg Silver’s Fantasy Heights erotic suspense series.

“Into Her Fire” Description

Episode 6: Amanda learns she’s not the only one waiting for answers: With the mysterious Accord beginning to gather, a pressurized group of Fantasy Heights performers reveal loyalties, suspicions and rivalries.

“Into Her Fire” Info

Release Date: 2 September, 2012
Length: 24,000 words
ISBN: (Smashwords Version only) 978-1-4761-5357-5
Edited by: Emma Reynolds
Cover by: Joy Warrender

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“Into Her Fire” Excerpt

“Wow. I think I like restricted duty.”

Amanda nudged Eric Hernandez with her elbow. The pair of them stood just inside the front door of The Isle of Wight, Fantasy Heights’s most exclusive venue. Its oval-shaped dining area glowed with soft golden light shed by vast chandeliers and gilt wall sconces. Butter-yellow walls, white trim and crisp white table linen announced this space belonged to the innermost circles of the chosen few.

Right now, the room stood empty. Amanda and Eric were expected in one of the posh, private alcoves beyond the dining room.

Eric, six-foot-two of staid, observant muscle, glanced down at her. He was older. Probably forty-five, and quickly becoming one of Amanda’s favorite people. He’d been a constant presence these last two days since Gail Warnous had decided to play witch doctor. Eric’s boss, the brand new chief of security Jerod Hughes, had ordered him to make sure she spoke to no one about ‘The Thomas Disclosure,’ as she and Eric called it.

She found the resulting quarantine frustrating, but also a relief. Eric took the rules seriously. She liked that, and needed his safe, gloriously normal company to offset the week ahead. Bookings with Josh and Thomas loomed large and complicated, and of course her impending appointment with the mysterious Accord didn’t inspire confidence. She had no idea who or what the Accord might be, only that they had a say in her employment contract.

“We’ve got less than two minutes,” Eric said. “You’re sure you’re okay with this?”

Amanda reassured him. Yes, her scalp still hurt where she’d lost a chunk of hair to Gail Warnous, and yes, she was still leery of restraints and creepy, ‘no white hats’ whispering fantasy crashers, but this booking held nothing to fear. All she had to do was play prop in a demonstration for a familiar client and another performer she couldn’t wait to meet. Nicole, Derek’s regular girl, had finally returned from a short leave of absence, and none too soon. Amanda couldn’t handle another bout of Derek. Neither of them could keep the chemistry in check. Even the faintest memory of the way Derek had tongued and then fucked her that day in the interrogation room made her pussy clench with sensual greed.

“But what about… later?” Eric asked.

This time, Amanda smiled. ‘Later’ meant a booking with her mystery client. Eric wouldn’t be allowed on or near the set.

“Stop worrying. Everything will be fine.”

Amanda ignored another dubious grumble. Her mystery client’s great escape last time had not been forgotten, but neither had anything else he’d done, like telling her to run Fiona’s Internet search, then confess it to Thomas. Plus he’d warned her to stay away from Gail, and Marla by association. In hindsight, it seemed as if her mystery client knew what he was talking about, and yet she was moments away from seeing Lily Briggs, the third person on his caution list.

She nudged Eric a second time. “Come on. I appreciate the concern, but all this worrying won’t get you into the observation booth any sooner.”

Eric headed out a side door where a service corridor would lead him around to the booth. Amanda cut through the empty dining area, feeling like a scullery maid. She wore only a baby-blue silk robe and coral-colored boy panties. Her surroundings called for gowns and jewels.

Multiple archways lined the Isle’s back wall. She looked for the one marked with a seven and veered that direction. Beyond the arch, in a shadowed foyer, she came upon a single locked door. She took a keycard from her robe pocket and let herself into a room larger than she’d expected with dark red brocade wallpaper and flattering rose-colored light from shaded lamps.

Hollywood brothel special, she thought. Canopied bed, enormous gilded fainting couch. Once she got past the garish first impression, she noticed the cushioned bench lining the entire wall to her right. Two wide panes of mirrored observation glass flanked a door on the far wall. Wedged between the fainting couch and bench sat a heavy piecrust table hosting the stars of this particular show, a lineup of girl-on-girl toys. Lily, the client, would need to decide which sort of dildo she liked best for a fantasy taking place later in the week. They had booked The Zoo to host their private event. Amanda wasn’t looking forward to it as much as she normally might. Her part in the booking confined her to the shadowbox with Josh Taylor. Of all the ways she’d imagined seeing him again after finding out his wife had been murdered, and that Thomas was an FBI agent, being tied up in the shadowbox finished last.

Reminded that she was supposed to be naked and waiting, Amanda shed the robe and panties before taking her place at the end of the fainting couch. She’d barely made it into position before the opposite door opened.

In came Lily, who hid behind the name Emily while visiting the resort. The early-thirties, petite and tawny blue-chip client also hid behind a deceptively timid air. Amanda knew from her banking background that Lily was the socially influential wife of an even more influential attorney. Their marriage didn’t seem to be on the firmest footing. Lily came here with Tony Prosper, a bodyguard.

He wasn’t along for the demonstration. Instead, Lily entered with Nicole Desney, Derek’s regular girl from the custom fantasy team. Like Lily, Nicole was petite and sandy-haired, but with finer, more elfin features. Laugh lines around her eyes and bee-stung mouth made Amanda like her on sight. Nicole made a delicate, beautiful foil to Derek’s mischievous, masculine charms.

Lily greeted Amanda like an old friend. Amanda stood while Lily took her hands and kissed both her cheeks. Not the social air-kiss version, but a genuine exchange of affectionate warmth. Maybe it wasn’t proper to get attached to clients, but Lily had come a long way since that first shy exchange in the Palace. Amanda had too. Only natural, she supposed, to feel connected in some way.

Ever the maven, Lily made the introductions. “Nicole tells me the two of you have never worked together before. Nicole, this is Amanda Tate. Amanda, Nicole Desney.”

Amanda felt some of her positive impression crumble when Nicole smiled. There was a shallowness to it that set off alarm bells. Nicole’s head was not in this game. Distracted.

Still, her greeting seemed heartfelt. “It’s nice to meet you, finally. Derek and I really appreciate you helping out while I was away.”

“It was my pleasure. I enjoyed it.”

“I’m glad. Derek can be a handful and it made me feel less guilty, leaving him with such short notice. Anyway,” Nicole said, turning to their client, “you’ve got a full schedule tonight, so let’s get started. I thought it might be helpful to show you how some of the toys work. How they’re worn, and whether you think your husband might like to see you use them, or have them used on you.”

Husband? Surprised, Amanda glanced at Lily. Was Nicole mistaken, or had Lily brought her husband Brandon along this time instead of the bodyguard?

Hard to say. Lily’s only response was a small shrug and a nod.

Nicole asked Lily to sit beside her on the padded bench, and then motioned for Amanda to move closer. She picked up a strap-on harness.

“You wear it like a belt,” Nicole explained as she strung the harness around Amanda’s waist. The base of a modest seven-inch black dildo rested against her pubis. A second strap hung down toward her knees. Nicole picked it up, drew it back between her legs and fastened it to the waist strap. “Obviously, it’s a simulated penis, and pretty much all the sexual positions are possible with some cooperation. Next there’s a slight variation on the theme. Amanda, why don’t you take that one off, and lie down on the chaise for me.”

Amanda lay back and raised her knees up to rest her heels on the edge of the chaise. As usual, Lily made no attempt to disguise her curiosity. Her eyes fixed between Amanda’s legs. She only looked away when Nicole picked up a bottle of lube and squirted some onto her fingers.

Lily watched with interest as Nicole smeared lube over and around Amanda’s pussy. First she rubbed wide circles, then pushed two fingers inside, deep, before coming out for more lube.

Amanda caught Nicole glancing at the client to gauge the effect their show was having. Lily’s breathing had turned into shallow, erratic waves. Her fair skin was flushed, her pupils dilated.

Nicole squeezed more lube onto her fingers and once more reached between Amanda’s legs. This time, she said, “Knees to shoulders, please.”

When Amanda obeyed, Nicole painted a generous amount of lube over her anus before pressing into her ass. Nicole’s fingertip felt like a homing beacon for a million sharp, hot tingles, starting as far away as her knees and back and centering on that simple, intimate penetration.

Again Nicole’s attention focused on Lily’s reaction. Their client shifted her weight on the bench, hazy eyes unabashedly fixed on Nicole’s finger.

She removed it shortly, leaving Amanda time to settle. Nicole picked up the second strap-on. This one had a second six-inch dildo attached for the wearer. To ready it, Nicole ran the tip through the lube around Amanda’s pussy before sliding it in with tantalizing force.

Impossible not to let arousal creep in, Amanda thought. Being touched and played with, even while little more than a prop, didn’t distract her body one bit from the act of penetration. Nerve endings sizzled to vibrant life.

“Stand up,” Nicole ordered.

She offered a much-appreciated hand to help Amanda to her feet. Nicole again pulled the center strap back between her legs and fastened it onto the harness, same as the first. Amanda liked this strap-on better than the plain version. She’d used one like this on Neil in the throne room.

Wishing she hadn’t thought of that, Amanda booted the memory from her mind while Lily stared and imagined.

Whatever had been distracting Nicole at first seemed to return. Nicole gave Lily almost no time to consider the second strap-on version. After only a moment or two, Nicole unfastened the harness and pressed a hand against Amanda’s hip to make her lie down once more. “And then we’ve got the strapless versions.”

She eased the harness dildo from inside Amanda, leaving her to feel both deprived and depraved.

Next came the first of the strapless type. It looked like a long, curved dildo with a shorter, bulbous twin sticking out one side. Nicole smeared some lube onto the smaller end and then rubbed Amanda’s pussy with it. Amanda settled back and braced herself for penetration. Nicole didn’t do it as roughly this time. The thrust was firm and steady, but slower, until the wearer’s shaft was fully inserted and the longer shaft rested flush up against her. The shaft curved up over her pelvic bone, leaving a good seven inches of shaft for a partner to ride.

Nicole gave Lily even less chance to consider that version before gently pulling it out and presenting a variation. “This one is slightly different with an anal teaser sticking out the back. Most of the girls who use these frequently like the extra leverage, along with the stimulation. Others avoid the teaser, claiming it’s too much stimulation and they end up reaching orgasm way faster than their partner.”

To demonstrate, Nicole once again lubed up the wearer end of the toy and pressed it into Amanda, who couldn’t help a sharp inhalation when the device came flush. It exerted pressure from well beyond her anus all the way around to her pubis. Firm, steady pleasure. She could easily see how fucking someone else would over-stimulate the wearer.

And God how she wanted to indulge in some time trials. Nicole took hold of the partner shaft and simulated a thrust, driving the anal teaser hard up against Amanda’s anus. She could feel that tight ring of muscle rub against itself and the teaser, and it made her want to spread her legs wider and grind against the dildo.

Nicole must have sensed the heightening. A moment later, she pulled it all away again, giving Amanda a chance to corral her chemicals while introducing the next device.

“This one,” Nicole said, “is completely different. It gets strapped onto the bottom’s thigh. The top straddles the toy. Most people like to ride cowgirl style, facing away from the wearer, but of course a lot of lap dances are done face to face. Amanda, if you would, please. Cowgirl style.”

Amanda hoped no one could see the shaking in her thighs as she got up. Nicole had already fastened the simple strap around Lily’s right thigh, leaving a purple, seven-inch shaft sticking up for her to ride.

This time, Nicole asked Lily to lube the tip, and their client hastily obeyed. As she did, Amanda felt a pang of sympathy. Lily’s hands shook, too.

“Now Lily, you grab onto the shaft to hold it steady,” Nicole directed.

Amanda, who had never yet used this style, improvised as best she could. She backed up and widened her stance, lowering herself slowly until she felt the cool, slick tip of the dildo press just behind her pussy. Adjusting, she moved back as gracefully as possible and then tilted her pelvis until the tip pressed between her cunt lips, poised to penetrate.

Lily leaned way back to watch between Amanda’s legs as she tightened her thigh muscles and let the tip disappear into her cunt.

“Here,” Nicole said. “If you want a better view, I have a different version you should try. I really like this one, personally.”

She patted Amanda’s hip to clear the way for yet another type Amanda had never tried. This one had a twenty-inch shaft and a pedestal base. Nicole made Lily lift her short, gauzy skirt and spread her knees wide. She placed the base between Lily’s legs. Once it felt stable, Lily closed her thighs around the shaft.

Amanda needed no direction this time. She turned around to be face-to-face with Lily, who smeared lube on the tip. Amanda closed in and found the tip was just about level with her pussy. All she had to do was raise one knee, rest her foot on the bench’s padding, and let Lily press the tip toward home.

She bent her knee and rolled her hips, helping the tip line up a little better. A glance toward Nicole yielded a small hand gesture, giving her the go-ahead to simulate a thrust or two. She lowered herself down two inches. Three. Before she reached four, Lily gave in to the temptation to touch. One hand rested on Amanda’s hip. The other reached up to cup a breast.

Amanda braced her own hands on the wall above and behind Lily’s head, and curled forward so that Lily didn’t have to stretch too far to draw a nipple into her mouth. Her client did it hesitantly, as if she wasn’t quite sure it was allowed. Obviously, Amanda wasn’t the only one who had noticed Nicole’s on-again, off-again distraction.

Lily exerted herself as the client, taking firmer hold of Amanda’s breast, tonguing her nipple. With her other hand Lily guided Amanda to ride the shaft, pushing her down farther onto it then guiding her back up. Pleasure from cunt and breast compressed into a dulcet thread, tightening with promise once Lily gave her nipple a hard, piercing suck. The older woman then released it to lean back again and simply watch the black latex shaft sink into and reappear from Amanda’s pussy.

“I like this one,” Lily said. “But I think I want to try the strapless version without the teaser. I think it’s more what the guys had in mind for us.”

Guys? Did that mean Derek and Brandon, or someone else? Intrigued, Amanda wished she’d been given a script. No one had bothered since she and Josh had such a minor part in the fantasy.

Nicole smiled. “Of course. And if that’s what you want, then let’s move things along. They should be just about ready for you at the spa. I’ll see you again after you’ve had your massage and dinner, and a little time to relax.”

Lily seemed reluctant to end the show. The hand on Amanda’s hip guided her to grind. She obliged, wishing she could slip a hand down the front of Lily’s blouse to find and pinch a nipple. Send some sort of signal that she was willing to continue if Lily so desired.

She ought to have known better. Half the battle with clients was manipulating their appetites. Since this demonstration had been just as much about anticipation as instruction, the show had to stop short. Before she knew it, Amanda was guided off the shaft. Nicole spirited Lily away.

Staring at the closed door, Amanda wished she knew Eric well enough to carry out Thomas’s pressure valve policy. As it was, she retrieved her robe and panties and headed out the back door into the service corridor, and across the hall into a staff greenroom. There, she hit the shower to wash away the lube. She rejoined Eric in the hallway.

“You mind hanging out alone for a while?” Eric asked. “Auditions for the gamer gig start today. I want to get in early.”

At first, Amanda was surprised he’d allow her to go anywhere on her own, but then she realized it was a show of trust. He didn’t worry about her speaking to anyone about Thomas. Really, there was no need. The only things she had to say about Thomas she planned to say directly to Thomas. Shout them at him, in fact, as soon as she saw him again. If the first words out of his mouth were anything other than “I’m sorry I threatened you about Josh,” there would be war.

She could forgive a lot of things. But not that threat.

The showdown would have to wait until after they’d finished with their client later in the week. She likely wouldn’t see him until then. Thomas had been gone the last two days seeing the Warnouses’ son back to his aunt. The only comfort to come from the whole debacle was the revelation that Gail and Robert didn’t have permanent custody. The boy had been on summer visitation only and was, by now, safely back in the hands of his legal guardian.

Not for the first time since it happened, Amanda relived that unforgettable moment in her driveway. Gail Warnous had cornered her, raving, wanting help to get onto the resort, demanding to know how Steph had gotten Robert to sing again. The look on that poor kid’s face… He had been so ashamed of his mother’s behavior. It hurt Amanda even to think of it, and couldn’t imagine how the boy must feel with his mother locked up in a psychiatric unit, and his father hidden from the world. According to Jerod, Robert remained sequestered in a guest cabin somewhere on the property under the care of Dr. Carpenter.

Amanda told Eric, “Go ahead. I wanted to check in with Jerod anyhow. See if maybe your new boss has learned anything more about the Whisperer.”

A muscle in Eric’s cheek twitched, making Amanda regret her choice of excuse. Eric felt terribly guilty about what happened on the staff fantasy set. She said, “Quit it, Eric. No one blames you, and I’m pretty sure the timing wasn’t a coincidence. This whole place was upside down with the old security chief getting fired. Gail and the Whisperer took advantage of the turmoil.”

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