Oh Saturday

by megsilver on September 20, 2014

The great news: Mr. Silver will officially move home this coming Friday.

The not-so-great news: I just had to kitten-proof an entirely different room so I could move my office back where it used to be. I feel like a sardine in here.

Off to finish moving stuff back to where it used to be. #sigh #trudge

New Cover Finals

by megsilver on September 18, 2014

I’ll be uploading some Season Two changes today. Among those changes are covers. I’m not sure how long it will take for changes to take effect across all retailers, but it should happen within the next couple days.

New covers look like this:

Fantasy Heights Episode 10: Paramour

Fantasy Heights Episode 11: Eightman

New Drafts

by megsilver on September 14, 2014

Normally I would post this kind of thing on Monday, but I’ve got so much going on tomorrow morning that I’m doing it tonight.

Here are the new cover drafts. Let us know what you think!



Kindle Unlimited Issue

by megsilver on September 14, 2014

This issue is making the rounds through several self-publishing groups I frequent, and I figured more of us ought to give our fellow readers a heads-up warning as well:

This issue concerns a Kindle Unlimited exploit perpetrated by dubious authors. If you are not a member of Kindle Unlimited, this will in no way affect you.

FACT: In order for an author to be paid for a their content in the Kindle Unlimited program, a reader must download their work AND read past the 10% mark.

That part is awesome. But beware:

Certain clever, entrepreneurial folks (read: scheming shitheads) have uploaded and enrolled very short book-files into the Kindle Unlimited program.

  • The short files range from three to ten pages. These files might or might not be actual stories. (Usually they aren’t.)
  • When the unsuspecting reader opens the file, expecting a book, they don’t find one.
  • Because of the file’s short length, reading one page = reading at least 10% of the book, meeting or surpassing the 10% requirement.
  • The schyster gets paid because a reader read past 10%.
  • Even worse, oftentimes, these short files have stolen the blurb and title from other, actual books.

So how do you know whether the book you want to read is real or a sham? Check the estimated pages. If that calculation isn’t yet present, do what you should be doing anyway with your Kindle:


Whether you’re using Kindle Unlimited or not, sample first. It only takes a moment or two, and with the advent of Kindle Unlimited, it’s more important than ever to make sure you’re getting what you’re paying for.

Joyful Things

by megsilver on September 12, 2014

Joy has been at it again. Prepare to see some revised Season Two covers, coming soon. I’ve seen the drafts, and I’m so excited. They’re perfect for this series.

Meanwhile, revisions on Hellfire continue. Can we make some kind of law that I am allowed at least three uninterrupted work hours a day? Holy crap, what an insane couple of months! Emma is threatening to lock me in my office because my crazy schedule is steamrolling her even crazier schedule.


Have a great weekend!


by megsilver on September 8, 2014

Things have been a bit wild around here this last week.

Our tornado was actually straight-line winds. Important distinction, but still a huge mess to clean up. Or at least I would have been cleaning up if not for the emergency trip to my parents’ into the equation. This left my kids on their own, including a 16-yr-old who has fallen in love with the chainsaw.

Not nerve-wracking at all.

Today, I need to regroup and prioritize raking, writing and preparing a whole bunch of upcoming website changes I’ve been putting off for way too long.

Please to send chocolate, coffee, and handsome minions.

Pretty Much

by megsilver on September 4, 2014

I was all set to get back to “normal” work schedule today.

Here’s how I woke up:

“Um, Mom? There’s a tornado warning. It’s hailing on my truck.”

(The one where The Nights Of Yes almost comes true)

If you need me, I’ll be in the yard cleaning up cottonwood.

What I Do When…

by megsilver on September 2, 2014

Here’s what I do while the kids are gone:

Recreational Complaining: Last weekend while I was away, something happened to my ergonomic keyboard. It got wet somehow, I think. Certain keys transposed themselves so that when I press the left shift key, I get an open parenthesis instead. Other keys are messed up, too, rendering it unusable.

The replacement won’t be here until tomorrow.

Until then, I have to type on a regular keyboard.

I. Hate. It.

Hate. It.



by megsilver on September 2, 2014

First day of school! /happy dance

Okay, only one kid goes back to school today, and Mr. Silver is home, so you can imagine how much work will happen around here today, but still…

First day of school! One day soon, I may have the house to myself for 15 whole seconds.

Have a great one.