Eightman Release Day

by megsilver on August 19, 2014

Cover: Eightman, Fantasy Heights Episode 11

It’s all happening!

Cover: Eightman, Fantasy Heights Episode 11

Episode 11: High hopes follow Sophie through a complicated second week at Fantasy Heights.

Her investigation into Ben Oliver goes nowhere, her make-or-break performance with Carl Hurst goes sideways, and a surprise windfall from Amanda Tate introduces Sophie to Fantasy Heights’s most wanted: The Eightman.

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FAQ: The Formatting Question

by megsilver on August 19, 2014

Because of my EPUB/MOBI tutorial, about once a week someone asks whether I’ll hang out my shingle and format ebooks for indies. I’m posting my “stock” answer here because I’m trying to get a bunch of stuff done in case I need to leave tonight.

The answer is, I’m considering it. I’m always considering it.

The reason I haven’t pulled the trigger involves customer service. I’ve worked with authors for years. I know the expectations they have, and the way they expect ebooks to be exactly like print books. Exceeding customer expectations in the digital format can be pretty damn tricky (read: impossible) when what an author wants can’t be done with the currently available technology.

Let’s imagine this entirely plausible conversation:

AUTHOR: “Wait a second. I wanted my headers in flashing red comic sans font.”

ME: “Comic Sans is not a supported font, and many e-reader devices and apps are black-and-white only. And flashing font will not only pull your readers out of the story, but the flashing attribute is not yet supported, either.”

AUTHOR: “What the hell am I paying you for? I ask you for something, and all you say is you can’t do that. You’re like Hal, only way more annoying.”

ME: “I know that, Dave. I can’t do that, Dave.”

AUTHOR: “Shut up. I hate you.”

ME: “Have a nice day?”

So, I guess the answer is, if authors could live with the present limitations, I would gladly take on a small handful of active clients. I just haven’t met that handful, yet.

Oh Help

by megsilver on August 18, 2014

The Good News: We will have a new release tomorrow!

The Bad News: As much as I would love to hang out with everyone and celebrate and hold my breath to see what everyone thought about the episode, there’s a good chance I will be away Wednesday through Sunday this week.

Normally I don’t talk about things like this because who cares about an author’s personal life, you know? But the indie gig changes the game entirely. Emma has been busting her ass to help get Eightman through the beta process (because I was away for most of it), and since the Internet really isn’t Emma’s scene, I need to turn to you guys for help with this one.

When Eightman goes live, every tweet, every share, every review will be mega-important because I won’t be here to promote/do those things myself.

Here’s the story: My mom has a bulged disc that’s pinched a nerve. She’s been in bed (and in major pain) for six weeks, and she’s the sole caretaker for my diabetic/heart-patient father. They live two and a half hours away from the nearest kid (me). Obviously, my sisters and I have been scrambling to help out down there, and FINALLY, this Wednesday, Mom is having surgery to repair this problem. Once that happens, I’m gone until Sunday.

I’ll have my phone to do email, of course, but my parents have a dial-up Internet connection. (I know, right?) So basically I’m cut off from all the ways I usually hang out with you guys. Hence why I’m asking for help with the New Release shares and tweets. I just won’t be here to do all the fun things we usually do.

Now, in the middle of this, one of my sisters is due to be come a grandmother any second. What a mad combo of stress, excitement and worry. I’mma need a huge amount of chocolate when this is all said and done.

Have a great Monday, and stand by for Episode 11!

The Eightman Cometh… Soon

by megsilver on August 12, 2014

Emma very kindly added Eightman to Goodreads for us, so you can head on over there and click “Want To Read” if you’re so inclined.

I’m not sure on exact release date, as yet. That date depends on beta-read and proofer results (plus my mom’s surgery. How much do we wish someone else could do these revisions?) Expect it within the next 10 days, at least.

That’s the news for today. Have a great one!

Dear Summer

by megsilver on August 11, 2014

Eightman is currently with the beta team, and then it’ll go to the proofreader, so we should have a release before too terribly long.

I’m away from the office, and today I’m drafting the episode description… on my phone’s notepad app. I wish you could see and hear me during this process. It’s sort of like trying to get a tiny, tiny cat to manage a fireworks display. (I do frustration SO well.)

Anyway, those of you on the contest list should mind your inboxes. Emma will be hooking you up with something fun later today.

Have a great one.


by megsilver on August 9, 2014

(Prepare yourselves: I’m about to show off my craptastical skills with the camera phone.)

Have I mentioned lately that I have the best readers in the history of ever? One of them — *cough* RHONDA *cough* — knows how to make me smile. I am a total nail-polish freak.

It’s sorta hard to tell in these shots, but the color-change polish really does change color between light sources. The difference is more pronounced in the pink/coral color than the blue/gray one, but still completely awesome.

Exhibit A:
2014-08-09 14.15.15

Exhibit B:
2014-08-09 15.45.38

That was a really fun experiment, so thank you!

And now back to the grindstone…