I Hate Ragweed

by megsilver on August 3, 2015

From deep in the last-minute revisions cave, I emerge briefly to congratulate our July, 2015 Giveaway winner:


Congrats, Kathryne! I would stick around and celebrate, but I reckon y’all would rather have Episode 13 than a blog post, so…

Yeah. Congrats again, and good luck this month, everyone else.

Fair Warning

by megsilver on July 27, 2015

I’m posting this at the request of two of our alpha readers. They advise that it might be helpful for readers to revisit FH Season One before picking up Episode 13 (aka The Episode No Josh Fan Should Miss. Also The Episode That Almost Killed Its Author).

Now, normally when I hear something like this from an alpha-reader (or a beta-reader) I would take it to mean I’m not doing my job well enough to help people remember names and events. But then I remember I’m writing a serial, not a series, and not a small one, either. We tend not to waste a lot of words on anything; few characters or events are throwaways. Emma and I are brutal with the editing. If something survived the cutting room floor, it means something.

So I’m caving in this time and saying yeah, you might be a little lost if it’s been a long time since you’ve revisited Season One. I myself have to do a complete read-through of the entire series, still, to make sure I didn’t screw up any continuity stuff. (Oh the torture of re-reading the phone scene, which is still a favorite.)

So. There it is, your fair warning that Pressure calls up some past events and characters.


by megsilver on July 13, 2015

Rather a lot more excitement around here yesterday than I’d really like; major storms, power out for 8 hours. Parts of town STILL have no power after 14+ hours.


One good thing did come of it, however. My children will never again mock me when I tell them they had better get their phones on the charger in case the weather gets as bad as the forecast says.

And now to take advantage of all this glorious electricity to get some revisions done… Have a great Monday!

Interesting Convo

by megsilver on July 8, 2015

So I was on the phone with Emma over lunch today, discussing revisions, and we got onto the topic of the “strong heroine”. Everyone talks about this as an archetype. It’s even a Netflix category, but it’s funny to me how one-dimensional “strong” appears to be.

How do we define strength in a heroine? Is she kick-ass, like physically strong? That seems to be the extent of it for a lot of folks.

What about emotional strength?
Spiritual strength?
Mental strength?
Moral strength?

Jane Eyre would be an awesome example of that last one.

Anyway, I thought it was an interesting discussion. Maybe light a thoughtful fire for other writers to get some ideas flowing.

Um, Canada?

by megsilver on July 6, 2015

Lots of progress last week. Cross your fingers that continues this week.

And damn, Canada… Is the entire country on fire or something? Y’all’s smoke is killing my eyes. (I can’t even imagine what it must be like up there, seeing how things have been all the way down here.)

Anyway, happy Monday! Have a great week.


by megsilver on June 29, 2015


I’m getting a lot of email inquiring after Pressure‘s release date. I will try to answer all those individual mails, but since I know everyone else is wondering too, I’ll answer it here publically to cut the wait.

I hate to give a release date at this point. I know there’s still work to be done, deciding what we’ll keep and what still needs further revision. Such is the joy of balancing action/suspense with the fun stuff; too much of one and not enough of the other without losing the all-important character development (and boy, is episode 13 heavy with it) makes for a real interesting waltz, especially in a serial.

Anyway, point is, rather than give a date and potentially end up disappointing you all (and myself), I will give the very non-committal “by end of summer” and hopefully surprise us all. In a good way, this time.

Wait… What?!

by megsilver on June 11, 2015

How can it be Wednesday already? Good lord.

Anyway, I’ve just approved One To Watch‘s audiobook, so that should hit shortly. Audrey is doing such a great job with these and once Season One is in the can, y’all will probably get really sick of seeing the promo all over the place, but it’s so worth a listen. It’s a whole new experience and very fun; enjoy!

And yes, Pressure is taking FOREVER. I apologize. In order to get Mr. Silver home, we had to make some sacrifices. One of them was for me to go back to das day job and focus more on the formatting side of things for more reliable, predictable income. So my writing time? Yeah. Precious as puppies, but we ARE still working on it and again, I apologize for the delay.

Have a great week!