Hello Kitty

by megsilver on October 20, 2014

Kitten update: All four kittens are fat, healthy, and well into their ‘attack anything that moves — and then anything that doesn’t move’ phase. This coincides with the CLIMB ALL OF THE THINGS phase. My legs are covered in tiny puncture marks. As is the dog. The husband. All three kids, and our one huge tomcat (Booger) who has decided the swarmlings are not, in fact, minions of satan, as was his initial conclusion. He’s cool with them working him over until one of them chews an ear. Then his sense of humor takes a powder.

In other news, the new office is at about 70%. One kid is sick, another kid had a dentist appt this morning, and I’m trying not to panic about Emma (editor) moving 2.5 hours away from here. She got a great and well-deserved promotion at her day job. I’m so proud of her… but it does make our editing relationship a bit more challenging when we’ve grown used to meeting face-to-face.

Our last meeting was pretty dodgy on my end. When an editor says, “Your real-life stress and anxiety are all over the page. Revise this again. It’s so fucking robotic and depressing,” a writer would do well to listen. Hence the delay getting Hellfire to the beta team. Final revisions are underway. They will be finished as soon as I’m allowed to sit still longer than seven minutes in a row. (Chorus of laughter from husband, kids, animals and the unholy disorder this house is in with two households still merging into one.)

The good news is, now that Mr. Silver is home, the stress is pretty well alleviated. It was a long, lonely, awful fourteen months having him so far away. But that’s over now. The kids, the animals and I are so glad he’s home.

Things will calm down again, right? Right?


Thank God It’s Someday (NOT)

by megsilver on October 10, 2014

You know that one room in your house? The one that’s going to be your office “someday”?

Right. Yes, we all have that room. The one where you look at all that lovely, open, unused space over the years, and you think “today is not that day” so everything accumulates in that space like sediment in a delta?

“Someday” you’ll clean it out of there.

Well… today is that “someday”. Not because you’re getting organized or anything awesome like that. No, today is that day because Mr. Silver needs to get started on the flooring in there.

God help me, I have probably a thousand-some books to sort through. And fourteen years’ worth of school art projects and report cards and God-knows-what to weed down to a manageable amount.

Harlequin bonfire, anyone? We can roast marshmallows. And burly man-minions can bring us drinks.

Monday Fu

by megsilver on October 6, 2014

Awesome weekend at the Silver house: quickie kitchen remodel almost done.

We went to see Annabelle, which I really liked, even if it did scare the crap out of me.

Kitten update: We are mobile. We have learned to hiss, spit, make Halloween-cat back arches at the dog, who gets all scared and offended by the whole thing. We have also learned to fight with our brother and sisters, and to stick our paws in mama-cat’s face until we get all the attention.

Today I have to close off from the world to steal back my work hours, so things might be a bit quiet in the front-of-the-house this week.

Off to torture Ben a bit. Have a great Monday!

Monthly Giveaways

by megsilver on October 2, 2014


Sorry I’m a day late announcing this; I ended up being out of town much longer than expected yesterday, thanks to a short-cut that turned out to be a long-cut. (and you can be SURE that’ll end up in a book somewhere, someday. Oh, the stories I could tell…)

Anyway… /clears throat

We’re starting something new this month: a monthly giveaway. These are separate from any other giveaway we run here or on Facebook or anywhere else. These run all month long, every month. We even made a special page on the site for these special giveaways.

Each month there’ll be a new prize up for grabs. For kickoff, we’re giving away a season pass for Fantasy Heights Season Two, meaning the winner will receive a free copy of every episode for the rest of this season upon each episode’s release date, or a few days beforehand. Since Hellfire will release this month, this will probably mean the prize package will be episodes 13 – 19, or 12 – 19, depending on whether the winner has Hellfire already or not.

This month’s guidelines:

  • One winner this time.
  • E-book version only.
  • Offer open to international entrants.
  • One entry per email address; duplicates will be pared down to one entry.

Go forth and enter! Good luck.

Such Wow

by megsilver on September 29, 2014

Okay, so Mr. Silver is officially home, which is awesome. I was so excited to think that this morning I would be able to regroup, dig in and get some work done.

Yeah. Mr. Silver hasn’t been home for more than a few days at a stretch in 14 months. Apparently, he has a long list of things he’d like to do around the house. All of which are noisy.



Oh Saturday

by megsilver on September 20, 2014

The great news: Mr. Silver will officially move home this coming Friday.

The not-so-great news: I just had to kitten-proof an entirely different room so I could move my office back where it used to be. I feel like a sardine in here.

Off to finish moving stuff back to where it used to be. #sigh #trudge

New Cover Finals

by megsilver on September 18, 2014

I’ll be uploading some Season Two changes today. Among those changes are covers. I’m not sure how long it will take for changes to take effect across all retailers, but it should happen within the next couple days.

New covers look like this:

Fantasy Heights Episode 10: Paramour

Fantasy Heights Episode 11: Eightman

New Drafts

by megsilver on September 14, 2014

Normally I would post this kind of thing on Monday, but I’ve got so much going on tomorrow morning that I’m doing it tonight.

Here are the new cover drafts. Let us know what you think!