by megsilver on August 31, 2015

Thanks to everyone who’s already taken the time to review Pressure and Captive. Believe it or not, those reviews make a huge difference on how visible books are on most popular retail sites, especially Amazon.

Because we’re kind of sucking for reviews lately (which is totally my fault for being too buried to build and maintain a street team, and also falling behind on the release schedule) I want to remind everyone about THIS LINK.

That’s the review-copy request form. The link has always appeared on this site’s CONTACT page, but I don’t think anyone sees it, so I’m posting it here today in case anyone’s interested.


Monday Is As Monday Does

by megsilver on August 31, 2015

First up:

Congrats to Carolyn B, the August, 2015 monthly giveaway winner. Carolyn wins a “season pass” for the rest of the Fantasy Heights Season Two episodes. Thank you for entering!

Thanks, too, to everyone else who entered. Better luck in the September 2015 giveaway.


Thanks for another great launch, readers! I hope you’re enjoying Harper and Matt. They’re very fun to work on.

Speaking of which, I best get my wordcount done for the day before I have to retreat into the formatting cave for the afternoon.

Have a great one!

Captive (Sessions, #1)

by megsilver on August 25, 2015

Cover for Sessions: Captive

Novella-Series Description

Two consenting adults, one hot arrangement…

Harper Isley isn’t looking for romance. Someday she’ll settle down, but for now, all she wants is a strong, trustworthy man to meet her needs without demanding more.

Matt Solomon has the perfect solution——a discreet arrangement between consenting adults.

Harper agrees to surrender herself to Matt one night per week. Strict rules govern their weekly sessions, and Matt’s sensual imagination ensures each session runs hotter than the last.

CAPTIVE is the first book in Meg Silver’s “Sessions” novella series.

CAPTIVE: A tentative Harper learns that surrender has its benefits as she ventures into an intimate bargain with sexy, commanding Matt Solomon.

“Captive” Info

Length: 15,000 words
Price: $.99USD
Captive’s Info and Excerpt

“Captive” Purchase Links

(These will update as the book goes live on retailers)
Amazon US
Amazon UK
Amazon CA
Amazon AU
Barnes & Noble
Google Play (pending)


by megsilver on August 24, 2015

Happy Monday!

I’m regrouping after a crazy-busy weekend. While I was toiling away at the day job, our wonderful beta team has been hard at work, too. Thanks to them, we should have another new release for y’all by the end of this week.

For that to happen, I need to get my editing braincells firing on all cylinders… And also to get the babycat out of my freshly watered plants. Holy crap, is she ever in rare form today.

Have a great one!

Sessions: First Look

by megsilver on August 18, 2015

We interrupt your regularly scheduled program to bring you news of a new serial…

Everyone, meet Sessions, the new mini-serial coming up next.

Here’s our first cover:

Cover for Sessions: Captive

Pretty sure Joy would give me THE LOOK if I did not explain that the cover is still a draft. She’s not in love with how the cover looks as a thumbnail yet; further typography tweaks expected.

The serial and episode blurbs aren’t approved yet. I’m working on those, but the gist of this thing is our heroine agrees to become our hero’s sexual captive one night per week.

Anyway, here’s a list of preliminary facts about this new series:

  1. There are six “planned” installments.
  2. These are short. Like HELP WANTED short, running between 12 – 15,000 words each. For comparison’s sake, FH Episode 13 was 40k words.
  3. These are $.99 USD each.
  4. Yes, these are very naughty.
  5. No, there is no suspense element. (Read: SO MUCH FASTER TO PRODUCE than FH)
  6. Yes, I am still working on FH Episode 14. Rylie is giving me a fucking headache, by the way. I need sympathy, chocolate, coffee and manions. Many, many manions. Preferably smart ones who love to clean kitchens and cat boxes. Who also dabble in marketing copy. And rarely speak.


by megsilver on August 17, 2015

Happy Monday!

Thanks, everyone, for a great launch. Go forth, my minions, and review!

As for me, I’m headed into the word-count cave, which I will have to leave at 4PM. Should you hear a loud tantrum at that time, it’s probably me.

Have a good one.

Episode 13: Pressure

by megsilver on August 13, 2015

Fantasy Heights Episode 13: Pressure

Episode 13: Now that Ben has gathered the protective detail under one roof, everyone feels the pinch of proximity. Ben and Sophie cope with a change in their relationship while the past works its will on others in the house.

Purchase Links: (these will go live as the book becomes available on different retailers)
Amazon US
Amazon UK
Amazon CA
Amazon AU
Barnes & Noble
Google Play

Thank You Betas!

by megsilver on August 11, 2015

Hi, everybody. I just got done sending out a group message to the beta team, thanking them for their help.

But then I thought “Fuck that, they deserve a public thank you, as well.”

So… thank you to Team Yes members who helped out with this round. I know everyone always says “We couldn’t do this without you”, but it couldn’t be truer in this case. Though short, these episodes take an insane amount of work, and without y’all’s guidance, I’d have given up long ago.



by megsilver on August 10, 2015

I’m pre-coffee and it’s Monday, so I don’t guarantee much by way of coherence in the following update:

We’ll be wrapping up beta this week. Episode 13 still needs some cuts and clean-up, but we’re getting there.

Soon. I promise.