Those of you on Twitter and Facebook no doubt know we’ve “rescued” another kitten. And anyone who lives with cats knows the truth: we were hired for a job we didn’t even know we applied for.

She refuses to name herself, and if we don’t stop calling her “Senorita Bitchy-pants”, the name is eventually going to stick.

I would take a picture of her to show y’all, but she is currently under the futon attacking a spot on the carpet and waiting for the dog to walk by again.

(Really it’s a wonder I get any work done in this house.)

Happy Monday!

2 Replies to “Fiskars On Kittens”

  1. Oh you lucky people! We have thought about getting a friend for our boy because let’s face it, some time he just looks down right board! But to be honest, our “boy” is really king of the house and has serious jealousy issues. He gets jealous when his friends that he kicks it with come over to our house and I pet them. He get jealous when we feed the fish for goodness sake! As much as think a kitten friend would amuse him, he would cease to be amused once that kitten started getting any kind of attention what so ever! The black and white monster that rules our house would turn into a green eyed one. Good luck with helping her find her name!

    1. Yes, boys are much harder to convince they want a playmate, I think. The others here (who were all rescues) are pretty chill, thank heavens.

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