I love it when Mr. Silver is home. Except for the fact I get nothing done, of course.

Also, I have to rename two characters. Help!

(I am so having decision fatigue today, and Emma is sick of helping because I am really, really picky…)

Character 1’s name was Bette, but it’s too similar to another character’s name (Beth).
Character 2’s name was Connie Weaver, but the first name it too is too similar to another character’s name (Carmen). The surname contains a W, which it can’t.

Character 1 is elderly, and very sweet.
Character 2 is in her forties, a successful business owner in a scientific field.

Ethnicity doesn’t matter.

For the replacement first names, there are rules.

Replacement names can start with the letters:


But cannot contain “ll” (two Ls).
Names cannot contain six letters. More or fewer is fine.
Names cannot end in k.
Character 2’s surname cannot contain a W.

Jeez. This is like a logic puzzle, isn’t it? No wonder I can’t come up with anything!

Anyway, help me with this, and get your name listed in an upcoming release’s acknowledgements. Along with my undying gratitude — renaming folks at the eleventh hour is crazy tiring for some reason…

12 Replies to “Whatsherface”

  1. Character 1: How about Grace? or Opal? Gert for Gertrude? Vonda?

    Character 2: Angie, Angel, Alice, Gena, Kari, Kelly, Kathy, Katie

    1. Yikes! Here are some that just poped into my no so fertile Monday morning mind. Maybe this will get your more creative juices flowin’:
      #1: Annie, Kathrine, Opal, Vinabelle, Vanessa, Virginia
      #2: Aubrey Knox, Kirby Carson; Kerry Graham: Gwendolyn Young; Alton Vaughn

      Have a good productive day! :}

  2. Character 1

    Agnes Caroll
    Kathryn Brent
    Ursula Welsh
    Vera McNulty

    Character 2

    Jessica Lang
    Kate Regan
    Sophie Marcarrri
    Rachel West

  3. character 2 suggestion Avery Sanders and I have no clue where it came from.. it just appeared in my head lol

  4. Char 1: Greta Knox or Grace Underly, or Anabelle-Any combination!
    Char 2: Abilene/Abigail ‘Abby’ Vaughn or Vanderbilt

    Thanks for writing Meg! Can’t wait to read more of your works!

  5. Char 1: Gwen Davis
    Zanna Beachamp
    Agnes McDonald
    Something Welsh, French or Scottish! Lol

    Char 2: Veronica Jones/Smith/
    Olivia Jackson
    Yolanda Estafan
    Anita Perkins
    Grace Anderson
    Yasmin Oswald

    Good luck. Glad you got your man visiting. Hope his Job is going well

  6. Man, I should come to you all every time I’m stuck on names. This really, really helped.

    Since so many of you suggested it, Character 1’s name is now Grace.

    Character 2’s name, soon as I saw it, jumped right off the monitor and bit me: Kate Regan.

    So LOTS of you will be in acknowledgements very soon. Thank you so much.

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