Happy Friday!

I don’t know how many people would be interested in this, but hey, the more the merrier.

The EPUB/MOBI tutorial that began on the forums forever ago is now officially in beta stage. Anyone interested in testing this sucker out can now access the VERY BETA PDF version.

Be advised that the checklists are not yet complete, and there are still ##revise tags here and there. (Someone pointed out some random numbers in the middle of a line of text earlier; Thanks a lot, cat #sendhelp)

I’m working my way toward finalizing content and at this point, without input from users about what else should be included, any mistakes or particularly difficult to follow parts, I’m just spinning my wheels.

Also, be advised that PDF will not be the final format. Well, it will still be available as a downloadable PDF but eventually I’ll convert it to some sort of web-friendly format.

So if you’ve any interest in learning how to build consumer-ready EPUB and MOBI files, you’re invited to dig in. Anyone who REALLY wants to dig in and leave comments and such, please email me at mymegsilver A T gmail DoT com and I will either send out a doc copy or give you commenting privileges on the PDF. Your choice. (Please do not leave your email addy in a comment — the spambots are pure evil these days.)

Questions, comments, whatever else, holler at:

Thanks! Have a great weekend, everybody.