Amazon is in the process of “fixing” their internal handling of series books. And by “fixing” I mean completely breaking.

Should any of you click the link that says Fantasy Heights Series on a FH title, you’ll see they think Season One is only four episodes long.

It’s NINE episodes long. I’m so sorry if this is confusing the heck out of readers new to the series. Amazon is supposed to have this fixed by April 14th, but until then, hang in there.

(This is part of the reason we put the numbers right on the covers. Series have their own unique challenges, no?)

2 Replies to “FYI”

  1. Oh my word!! Are you kidding me??
    Well thank god for B & N where I 1st discovered your incredible 9 episode series!
    Sorry you’re getting all this headache!

    1. Ah, they’ll get it sorted. They always do. It’s just a mess in the meantime.

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