I have all these shiny new rack cards, and to celebrate Lovers Walk‘s release (and Mr. Silver’s coming home), let’s have some fun around here!

I’m trading signed rack cards for Calais County reviews. To get your card, all you have to do is leave a review somewhere, and then FILL OUT THIS FORM.

(You absolutely have to fill out the form. PLEASE DO NOT email me your mailing address, or post your address in comments or anywhere else. I likely won’t be the only one addressing envelopes, so it’s very, very important to keep all entrants’ info organized and confidential. The form is the easiest, safest way to do that.)

The rack cards are 3″ x 8″ (90mm x 200mm), and they look just like the black Meg Silver card shown in the graphic above. They make awesome bookmarks.

Three titles are eligible in this limited time offer:
Gentleman’s Privilege
Lovers Walk
Fantasy Heights Season One bundle.

(Individual FH episode-reviews are not eligible, sorry.)

This offer IS open to international entrants.

This is a limited-time-only offer. The offer will run 16 April, 2014 until 29 April, 2014, or until Meg runs out of cards. (And I am totally ready to order more if need be.)

So. Let’s do this thing! Any questions or comments or other feedback, leave us a comment or contact Meg at mymegsilver@gmail.com