Kitten update: All four kittens are fat, healthy, and well into their ‘attack anything that moves — and then anything that doesn’t move’ phase. This coincides with the CLIMB ALL OF THE THINGS phase. My legs are covered in tiny puncture marks. As is the dog. The husband. All three kids, and our one huge tomcat (Booger) who has decided the swarmlings are not, in fact, minions of satan, as was his initial conclusion. He’s cool with them working him over until one of them chews an ear. Then his sense of humor takes a powder.

In other news, the new office is at about 70%. One kid is sick, another kid had a dentist appt this morning, and I’m trying not to panic about Emma (editor) moving 2.5 hours away from here. She got a great and well-deserved promotion at her day job. I’m so proud of her… but it does make our editing relationship a bit more challenging when we’ve grown used to meeting face-to-face.

Our last meeting was pretty dodgy on my end. When an editor says, “Your real-life stress and anxiety are all over the page. Revise this again. It’s so fucking robotic and depressing,” a writer would do well to listen. Hence the delay getting Hellfire to the beta team. Final revisions are underway. They will be finished as soon as I’m allowed to sit still longer than seven minutes in a row. (Chorus of laughter from husband, kids, animals and the unholy disorder this house is in with two households still merging into one.)

The good news is, now that Mr. Silver is home, the stress is pretty well alleviated. It was a long, lonely, awful fourteen months having him so far away. But that’s over now. The kids, the animals and I are so glad he’s home.

Things will calm down again, right? Right?