Sorry I’m a day late announcing this; I ended up being out of town much longer than expected yesterday, thanks to a short-cut that turned out to be a long-cut. (and you can be SURE that’ll end up in a book somewhere, someday. Oh, the stories I could tell…)

Anyway… /clears throat

We’re starting something new this month: a monthly giveaway. These are separate from any other giveaway we run here or on Facebook or anywhere else. These run all month long, every month. We even made a special page on the site for these special giveaways.

Each month there’ll be a new prize up for grabs. For kickoff, we’re giving away a season pass for Fantasy Heights Season Two, meaning the winner will receive a free copy of every episode for the rest of this season upon each episode’s release date, or a few days beforehand. Since Hellfire will release this month, this will probably mean the prize package will be episodes 13 – 19, or 12 – 19, depending on whether the winner has Hellfire already or not.

This month’s guidelines:

  • One winner this time.
  • E-book version only.
  • Offer open to international entrants.
  • One entry per email address; duplicates will be pared down to one entry.

Go forth and enter! Good luck.