You know that one room in your house? The one that’s going to be your office “someday”?

Right. Yes, we all have that room. The one where you look at all that lovely, open, unused space over the years, and you think “today is not that day” so everything accumulates in that space like sediment in a delta?

“Someday” you’ll clean it out of there.

Well… today is that “someday”. Not because you’re getting organized or anything awesome like that. No, today is that day because Mr. Silver needs to get started on the flooring in there.

God help me, I have probably a thousand-some books to sort through. And fourteen years’ worth of school art projects and report cards and God-knows-what to weed down to a manageable amount.

Harlequin bonfire, anyone? We can roast marshmallows. And burly man-minions can bring us drinks.