Mandango and Booger

Other things I need to ignore (in favor of work) are exchanges that begin with words like:

  • Honey, come here a sec.
  • Mom, I’m bored.
  • Honey, could you…
  • I can’t find my…
  • Hey, you gotta see this!

Have a great day! Someone please send gorgeous male minions to do something about the Armageddon cluster that is my kitchen, por favor.

2 Replies to “Mundayn”

  1. I dont alway respond but I always love these email posts
    specially the ‘Mundayn’

    if you get one of those male minions you seem partial too – please find out if they exist on this side of the pond


  2. I did try to copy and paste something delicious for the eyes. But alas, I guess it’s not meant to be!

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