So I was on the phone with Emma over lunch today, discussing revisions, and we got onto the topic of the “strong heroine”. Everyone talks about this as an archetype. It’s even a Netflix category, but it’s funny to me how one-dimensional “strong” appears to be.

How do we define strength in a heroine? Is she kick-ass, like physically strong? That seems to be the extent of it for a lot of folks.

What about emotional strength?
Spiritual strength?
Mental strength?
Moral strength?

Jane Eyre would be an awesome example of that last one.

Anyway, I thought it was an interesting discussion. Maybe light a thoughtful fire for other writers to get some ideas flowing.

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  1. It is my belief that she needs to be all of them.
    A strong woman who can take care of herself.
    Both mentally and physically. She is independent
    yet still needs someone to love. Someone that
    makes her feel sexy and desired. She will tell you
    she doesn’t need them however they complete her.

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