Okay, so I’m on temporary assignment to a different office that lets me stay home in the morning.

HOME IN THE MORNING! Picture me cavorting around the office like an 80s movie walking-on-sunshine montage.

Really, I’m drinking coffee with a cat in my lap, blogging, and fixing to go re-write a scene in episode 14.

Have a great one!

3 Replies to “Beer Bad”

  1. So glad you are sounding happy for this period of time. How is 14 coming along? Last you updated you still had some “stuck” areas. Hope all the staff is speaking to you to help you thru their sceans. Have a great DAY!!

  2. Hey Meg
    I miss your chirpy mad updates these days – glad to hear life is a little less crazy than last time you posted 🙂

    Good luck with the rewrite xxx

  3. So, so good to hear your virtual voice! Thought we might have to put out an APB for you. Hope the real voices are leaving you alone so the internal voices are loud and clear. Miss you and your weekly tidbits.

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