From Fantasy Heights, Season Two, Episode Ten

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Left alone, Sophie wandered around a very large and elaborate set. Tapestries hung on the walls, and toward one end of the stage was a throne high up on a raised dais. On ground level in the middle of the set was a padded platform. Sophie took a seat there to wait, slave to her imagination, wondering what sort of fantasies might play out on a set like this.

She had time to think several through, and then some. She had moved onto worrying about Director Cornell again before two men appeared. They were dressed not in costumes but in Fantasy Heights security uniforms. Both men were enormous.

One of them said, “Max is in the observation booth, and Rylie is ready for you now. This way, please.”

Sophie walked between them toward the far end of the set, into a narrow hallway lined in brick. Outside an arched doorway, the two guards took hold of her arms and guided her through.

The set they entered was tiny compared to the one outside. Built to resemble a dungeon, the dark, gloomy space had brick walls and dim lighting. Several sets of black iron shackles hung from one wall. Sconce lighting made to look like torches glowed on the walls.

In the center of the room was a lone, sturdy rectangular table. A man, completely nude, stood facing the table on one end, his ankles tied to the table legs. His arms were bound behind his back.

He must be Ian, their client. Beside him on the table waited a collection of promising items: a bottle of lube, a box of rubber gloves and a bright blue dildo.

Wondering if those had already been used or if that fun was still to come, Sophie examined the client. He had to stand six-foot-five or more, with a runner’s build. His hair was light brown and cut extremely short.

She didn’t see more until her escorts led her around to one side of the table. A chair waited against the wall. They made her sit down before heading out once more.

No sign of Rylie at the moment. Sophie looked at the client, careful to carry out Rylie’s request to be calm and quiet.

Ian watched her in return. Nice-looking enough, she thought. He had lean, narrow features. She couldn’t tell what color his eyes were in the low light, but she could see an impressive set of stomach muscles and a long erection jutting out before him.

Arousal and nerves struck in unison as she remembered Rylie’s warning that she and Ian sometimes got carried away.

Sophie waited uncertainly, unsure she was ready for this fantasy. Up until now, she had skated through her performances aided by the very experienced and controlled Quinn and Hector. This time, things could turn out very differently.

She didn’t wait long. Rylie appeared from a darkened corner, and Sophie wasn’t given a chance to balk at what came next.

Rylie held out her hand to help Sophie to her feet. The next instant, Rylie stepped into her, dipping her head to claim Sophie’s mouth.

With the exception of Quinn’s gentle peck, Sophie had never kissed another woman before, and it was not at all what she expected. Rylie caught her behind the head and kissed her deeply, demanding a response.

She got one. Sophie’s body didn’t seem to care that Rylie was female. It recognized a sexually dominant force and quickened with heady arousal.

She kissed Rylie back, allowing the other woman to explore her mouth and lips. Rylie used her tongue more aggressively than Sophie would have liked, but given the breathy sounds of excitement from their client, the tongue wasn’t much for her benefit.

Rylie kept budging Sophie closer to the table until the back of her thighs met the edge. There they paused while Rylie grabbed the hem of Sophie’s nightie, and off it went.

With zero hesitation or warning, Rylie pushed Sophie onto the table to stand over her, holding her down with one hand on her throat. With the other, she lifted one of Sophie’s knees until her heel rested on the tabletop.

Rylie’s hand slid from her knee toward her pussy. Sophie felt her inner muscles tighten, bracing herself for a forceful, masterful penetration.

Before it could happen, their client protested. “I want my hands free.”

Rylie’s response almost made Sophie raise her eyebrows. The woman stared at him, cross at the interruption.

But Ian was, after all, their client. Rylie was forced to let Sophie go before circling around behind Ian to remove the restraints binding his wrists.

Meanwhile, Sophie brought her other heel up to rest on the table, caught between dread and arousal. She had no idea what Rylie meant to do to her, and now the client could join in if he liked.

Returning to Sophie, Rylie took her annoyance out on her. She reached down between her legs and pressed her palms over Sophie’s labia before pulling them wide apart. She bent her head to fasten her mouth over Sophie’s clit.

The abrupt contact made Sophie gasp out a high moan, and her eyes wanted to roll back into her skull. Rylie was not careful or gentle. She sucked hard, and then began to move her tongue, hooking it and rubbing hard circles over swelling, hyper-sensitized flesh.

Rylie had just suctioned her mouth onto her clit, tugging at it, when Ian chimed in by bending forward to kiss Sophie’s mouth. She might have jumped a little when she realized what he was about to do, but he seemed to like that. He, too, caught her behind the head to hold her still while bruising her mouth with a ravaging kiss.

If Sophie had ever doubted the power of sexual arousal, she learned a lesson in the short space of those few moments. Neither Rylie nor Ian showed any mercy, claiming her at both ends. Her brain switched over to a purely primitive channel. When Ian moved his hand, sending it to feel her breasts and pinch at nipples instead, she began to nip at his mouth in wanton invitation.

“Stop,” Rylie ordered. “Take your hands off my girl.”

Ian made an irritated rumbling sound in his throat, but a second later, both his hands and his mouth were gone.

Rylie pulled Sophie off the table and sent her back to the chair where she sat, stunned and baking in hungry hell.

“Now she’s gonna watch us,” Rylie said, “while I show her what you like.”

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