Wait… What?

by megsilver on July 31, 2017

Celebrating a new release with…. wait for it…

an ear infection!

Because apparently, I’m three years old.

Okay, now that the self-pity is out of the way, let’s do some algorithm management. (AKA shameless begging)

Not begging at all

Please take a moment to review a title today. The cat demands it.

Warn A Girl

by megsilver on July 27, 2017

Hello again!

All complimentary contest-win episodes have been sent out. Check your Kindles or your inboxes.

If you did not receive your season-pass copies and you think your Kindle email might have changed, please email me as soon as possible so I can re-send.

(That said, I will be gone much of tomorrow in meetings. That’s why I’m rushing to get all this sent out tonight; I’m not sure how much I’ll be around to take care of y’all.)


by megsilver on July 25, 2017

Okay, so, remember in the last post how I said, “if everything goes as planned”?

Yeah. Not so much. Day-job has some issues with personal space.

I was going to hurry and try to upload tonight, but this episode just isn’t ready yet. I’m shooting for very, very late Thursday night or Friday afternoon. That way, at least we’ll have Overcome up for the weekend.

I’m sorry it couldn’t be sooner, but I’d rather take the time to do all the usual polish passes instead of skimping.

To make up for it, here’s the excerpt a couple days early.

See you this weekend!

Love You, WordPress

by megsilver on July 16, 2017

Sorry about that last deleted post. I’m trying to clean up some stuff on the website, and sometimes I forget that I have no heckin’ idea what I’m doing.

Episode 15 is out with the beta team. If everything goes to plan*, we’ll have a new release within the next week or two.

Here’s the episode description:
Episode 15: In high demand as a performer and stalking expert, Sophie navigates a busy, pleasure-packed week at Fantasy Heights. Unexpected visitors shake things up between Sophie and Ben. Thomas, meanwhile, turns his creative problem-solving skills onto a personal problem.

Here’s what I bought myself as a treat for finishing the episode. Good stuff.

Otherwise, I have a terribly exciting day planned, including laundry, kitchen cleaning, watching all three Star Trek movies just because I can, and also working on something new and fun for the email subscribers. That’s a super hush-hush secret I’m not supposed to talk about. So subtle.

*Why do I say that shit out loud? It’s like I’m just asking for it, right?

Monday Stuff

by megsilver on July 3, 2017

I’m on “vacation” from the day job this week. Note the ironic-usage quotes around “vacation”. I’m spending the week getting Episode 15 ready for the beta team.

That means we have until Friday for new (and old) beta readers to sign up using the new form. We’ve still got plenty of room at the table, so don’t be shy.

Now, who wants to write this episode’s promo copy for me? Anyone? Anyone?


Come One, Come All

by megsilver on June 30, 2017

We’re gearing up for the next round of beta, and we sure could use some more eyes on these episodes.

I’ve reopened a new beta-team signup form. Even if you have signed up in the past, or even worked with the beta team before, please sign up again now to let me know you’re still interested in helping out. (Worse, Emma handled a lot of the beta team interaction and she doesn’t have access to some of her old emails anymore, so it’s very possible some older information is just… gone.)

Here’s some stuff you should know before signing up:

  • I’m kind of a dick: I take forever to produce an episode, and then leave the beta team limited time (read: ZERO TIME) to read and give feedback.
  • The beta team uses Google Docs. It’s not difficult to figure out how to comment on stuff, but some prior experience might come in handy. And be warned: this is probably easiest on PC or laptop. If you only have a mobile phone, beta-reading might be extra tough.
  • Right now, the Fantasy Heights series is without a content editor. I do work with a proofreader, but we never catch everything. Part of the beta-reading deal on this team includes proofreading, which requires a bit more effort than just straight-up reading an episode and telling us what you think.
  • Beta-reading means you have to be cool with questioning story/plot choices and providing both positive and negative feedback. Beta readers can’t worry about hurting anyone’s feelings. First of all, I don’t have any. Second, I take feedback seriously, but not personally.
  • Beta versions are copyright protected AND confidential. Beta-reader feedback is also treated as confidential. I don’t share feedback from one beta-reader to another without first seeking permission.

Caveats done. If you’re interested in joining the beta team, get thee to the signup form. Bring friends, too!