I have this really… particular way of working with note-paper, especially when I’m in development mode. I like 14″ legal-pad paper, folded in half, and put on a clipboard. And don’t even think about handing me a pen. I’m all about the pencil.

So this morning, I had to crack open a new package of legal pads. Tore off the first page, and when I went to fold it, discovered that it won’t fold exactly in half. The pages aren’t perfectly rectangular.

I am having a fit about this (obviously).
And being made fun of for it.

So now we want to vote: Is this a…

1) diva-driven green M&M moment, or
2) a legitimate gripe

3 Replies to “What Dignity”

  1. A totaly legitimate gripe, you are a writer and that is your process. It’s what works for you, and very well might I add. Since I for one am waiting not so patiently for All of Her may I suggest you find some legal pads that fold properly. 🙂

  2. YES!

    I feel so vindicated now LOL.

    And I really do need to go buy new ones because as ridiculous as it is, it’s a distraction. As if the interwebz weren’t enough, right?

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