Today, I’m working on book 5, and feeling petulant because I have to cut word-count pretty substantially, and some of my favorite bits have to go.

Here’s one. *sigh*


“She’s got her own observer, right?” Thomas asked.
[Undisclosed character] spoke up. “Yup.”
“Nope. He’s in Virginia or something.”

“I wonder what they’ll call it once he leaves.”

6 Replies to “Snip Snip Snip”

  1. if you could do an outtakes page like you suggested that would be awesome! it sucks that your editor(s) are making you reduce the word count 🙁

  2. Outtakes yay!… LOL

    Love the Fantasy Heights series. You managed to find the perfect premise to get right to the smoking hot action. 😉

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