Okay, so after a slight disagreement between road construction, a fiber optic cable and a recalcitrant, grudge-holding network router, I’ve finally got the office back online.

(Technically we were back Tuesday, but it was late in the day and I know better than to post when tired and annoyed.)

Regarding Book 6’s release date: “By end of summer” is the best estimate I can give.

In other news, after I whined last week about wanting to discuss a story development, a reader suggested some sort of forum (other than this blog) where everyone can discuss episodes and developments and whatnot, and I’m taking it under serious consideration. Everyone has been awesome so far about not dropping spoilers anywhere and that’s greatly appreciated, but it would also be fun to have a spoiler zone where all of us, including me and maybe my editor, can talk more openly. So I’m debating options, and will keep y’all posted.

Lastly, most of you know we’re scripted out to Book 9. Talks are underway for a second “season” of FH. I’ve mentioned before this is really two series grafted into one: FH itself, plus the element Thomas brings in. Heaven knows that leaves doors wide open as far as storyline possibilities, but we still have 4 episodes between us and the end of season 1. I guess we’ll see how that goes first, but if readers care to weigh in, don’t be shy. Believe it or not, reader feedback gets top billing in any editorial discussions, and muh email address is right over there —-> (or on the contact page).

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  1. I think a spoilers page or forum is a great idea! Mainly because I’m having a hard time keeping my mouth shut about book 5 lol.

  2. Went fryours Shades books to yours and I really love your plot and character development! PLEASE keep them coming! (See what I did there? LOL!)

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