4 Replies to “Book 6 Release”

  1. Is it normal to develop cramps because of the tension of finding out the Kindle version is (once again) going to take longer??? Grrr! I love you, Meg. Lol.

  2. Oh Goodie!!!! Thanks so much Meg! Just bought my copy and did a ‘lil happy dance that had my pet cat thinking I lost my damn mind. You are receiving loads of good karma and cyber hugs! YAY!

    Hehe! Seanna, I’m in the Smashwords camp but my big ‘ol heart goes out to you, doll 🙁

  3. Seanna, It just occurred to me that Smashwords has it in all formatts including kindle. I know that when you download the mobi version at smash words as opposed to Amazon you have to go into your kindle files to open the book but it’s doable. Hope this helps.

  4. But my husband just bought me an Amazon.com giftcard so I could get this book today! Whaaaaaaaaaaaa! 😉 I’m just being a whiner, I’m sure it’ll read the same in a day or two, lol!

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