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by megsilver on June 14, 2017

Hi, everybody! Short update. New cover art will start popping up for Fantasy Heights Season One. Changes might disrupt the availability of the print version, but not for long. Also, I’m laying the groundwork for the two Season Two print volumes. If you start seeing Fantasy Heights episode updates on your Kindles, I’m only doing […]

Happy New Year!

by megsilver on January 8, 2017

Oh, 2017, whatever will we do with you… The holidays were a super busy time with the day job. Today I’m regrouping, and sneaking on here to say hi, and wish everyone a safe and happy new year. I do so appreciate everyone’s patience over the last eighteen months or so, and here’s hoping this […]

Comp Files

by megsilver on November 6, 2016

(Thanks, Kim for reminding me!) Previous contest winners should have received files either to their email or straight to your devices. I sent the files out just a few minutes ago. If you did not receive your file, please email me at Responses might be a bit delayed—leaving again to help strike the kid’s […]

Prodigal Much?

by megsilver on October 2, 2016

Yep, I’m still alive. Still working a great deal of overtime, which has budged writing-time straight off the edge of the day. I am still working on episodes, though. I’ve not deserted you, I promise. We’ll not speak of the state of my inbox. If you’ve sent anything in the last few weeks, it’s likely […]

This Happened

by megsilver on January 3, 2016

Just when I think my friends can’t surprise me anymore, this lands in my inbox. I knew Joy wanted to work that photograph into the covers somehow to bring us a bit more inline with the rest of our genre, but I was not expecting anything like this… Yowza. All of season two will have […]

Wind Beneath My Coffee

by megsilver on October 12, 2015

So yesterday it was 80-something°F outside with nonstop sunshine. Today? 50°F with gale-force winds. [insert long-suffering Minnesotan sigh] Aaaanyway, today is the last day of the old writing schedule. Starting tomorrow, I don’t get into this office until 1pm Monday – Friday, and 11:30am Saturday. There will be no slow-downs in work, just a change […]