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And-a Two

by megsilver on July 28, 2017

Amazon US is live! Kobo is also live. Google Play iTunes Barnes & Noble is still processing. Have a great day! Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn

Warn A Girl

by megsilver on July 27, 2017

Hello again! All complimentary contest-win episodes have been sent out. Check your Kindles or your inboxes. If you did not receive your season-pass copies and you think your Kindle email might have changed, please email me as soon as possible so I can re-send. (That said, I will be gone much of tomorrow in meetings. […]

Love You, WordPress

by megsilver on July 16, 2017

Sorry about that last deleted post. I’m trying to clean up some stuff on the website, and sometimes I forget that I have no heckin’ idea what I’m doing. Episode 15 is out with the beta team. If everything goes to plan*, we’ll have a new release within the next week or two. Here’s the […]

Friday Things

by megsilver on July 7, 2017

Heads up on this little bargain, courtesy of Bookbub: JD Robb: Naked In Death for 1.99 Also, a bit of silliness to aid the very brain-fried: Name your favorite rock song with epic drums. (I need to edit something in the episode because apparently no one but me listens to Dream Theater.) Comments or email. […]

Monday Stuff

by megsilver on July 3, 2017

I’m on “vacation” from the day job this week. Note the ironic-usage quotes around “vacation”. I’m spending the week getting Episode 15 ready for the beta team. That means we have until Friday for new (and old) beta readers to sign up using the new form. We’ve still got plenty of room at the table, […]

Come One, Come All

by megsilver on June 30, 2017

We’re gearing up for the next round of beta, and we sure could use some more eyes on these episodes. I’ve reopened a new beta-team signup form. Even if you have signed up in the past, or even worked with the beta team before, please sign up again now to let me know you’re still […]

Capitalize On My Mistake, Anyone?

by megsilver on June 27, 2017

So I’m still chugging along with Season One cover changes. Thank God I ordered a proof copy of the Season One book, because I completely forgot things like trim size and some fade masking before I reassembled the cover and re-uploaded. Oops. Anyway, this means I have a free print proof (with a slightly wonky-looking […]


by megsilver on June 14, 2017

Hi, everybody! Short update. New cover art will start popping up for Fantasy Heights Season One. Changes might disrupt the availability of the print version, but not for long. Also, I’m laying the groundwork for the two Season Two print volumes. If you start seeing Fantasy Heights episode updates on your Kindles, I’m only doing […]

Happy New Year!

by megsilver on January 8, 2017

Oh, 2017, whatever will we do with you… The holidays were a super busy time with the day job. Today I’m regrouping, and sneaking on here to say hi, and wish everyone a safe and happy new year. I do so appreciate everyone’s patience over the last eighteen months or so, and here’s hoping this […]

Comp Files

by megsilver on November 6, 2016

(Thanks, Kim for reminding me!) Previous contest winners should have received files either to their email or straight to your devices. I sent the files out just a few minutes ago. If you did not receive your file, please email me at Responses might be a bit delayed—leaving again to help strike the kid’s […]