While I was having my nails done, I gave the Hollywood treatment to several popular hypotheses:

1) The universe is expanding.
2) Galaxies live on something like a big balloon with a great big void in the middle.
3) It was recently hypothesized that the great big void is filled with black holes.

Okay, so: Nothing can escape the hyper-gravity of a black hole. Except, apparently, galaxies living on an ever-expanding balloon that just happens to be filled with black holes.

If our universe was not expanding, we would fall into the black holes and cease to exist.

Hypothesis: Our galaxy is the subject of one of the most enormous rescue attempts of all time, aka The Big Bang. (Which allegedly resulted from hyper-compaction of matter at the center of a black hole.)

I have GOT to stop watching Star Trek and Mythbusters, man. (Or possibly stop breathing nail-polish fumes)

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