So I’m getting ready to kick Monday in the teeth (I’ve been working on a Thomas scene. Can you tell?) and since the questions are starting to pile up in the inbox again, here’s our projected launch date for Book 7:


Again, this is a projected date, which means that even if the book is technically published on that date, it could still take a couple days (or longer) to show up on your favorite retailers. Smashwords is always first, Amazon second, B&N third. The others are anyone’s guess.

Frankly, right now it feels as if it’ll take a miracle to get Wish Her Well edited and ready for its closeup by then, but that’s probably because I haven’t had coffee yet. Plus we’re still arguing about what happens at the end of this episode; it could be an interesting week around here…

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  1. Gotta say I couldn’t put these damn books My boyfriend says he wants me back since my head has been face down in these books.. I couldn’t help myself. 🙂 Thanks for keeping me wanting more cant for the others to come!!!!!

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