Okay, so last week was pretty much a blur; many hours in the predictive analysis phase of development.

(That’s snooty-talk code for “lots of hours in front of ye olde drawing board, staring off into space, getting frustrated and finally asking the dog how to make parts of books eight and nine suck less.”┬áHe had some great ideas, though most of them had to do with birds, squirrels, car rides and me throwing things. There was a blue balls joke there — racquetballs, people — but it’s Monday and I try to avoid the cheap ones on Monday.)

This week, I fear, will be much the same. But at least there’s a poster for the new Star Trek movie to puzzle over.

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  1. I wish you luck in the “predictive analysis phase of development”!!! I read all 7 books this weekend and now I can’t stop thinking about Amanda and her incredible adventure. I will be waiting on pins and needles for book 8 and 9!

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