I have a terrible writing habit I’m learning to loath.

Whenever I know something is broken or wrong, or I want to leave myself a reminder to fix or tweak, I make notes right in the text surrounded by < >s.

Part of this cleanup process is going through the manuscript and doing away with all those < >s.

Today, I hate < >s. I mean, really hate them. Like deprive them of coffee hate them.

Isn’t everything always way more aggravating when you know you only have yourself to blame?

2 Replies to “Does Anyone Else…?”

  1. I really understand you. My “*” are my bane. I actually tell myself while writing “No more or you get no chocolate for a week for each one”.

    It almost is a deterant… almost.

  2. LOL I write correction/story arc/research notes on post-it notes then lose them. To make matters worse, I cant’t seem to break the habit.

    Note to self: BREAK THE HABIT!

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