Now is a fine time to find out the poll isn’t working for some mobile users. #editorface

As a result, we’re moving the poll over here, and will combine results later. Please vote — right now it’s a four-way tie.

These are the candidates for All The Queen’s Men cover updates:


Option One


Option Two


Option Three


Option Four

Oi. I swear Joy’s mission in life is to make this infinitely harder…









5 Replies to “D’Argh”

  1. Cover TWO for “All the Queen’s Men”. I like that the guy behind the 8 is looking forward the other guy is looking away from the book or Amanda.

    OK question, any chance the background could be the red in 1 & 2 and the guys be the blue from 4? I am thinking it might put a good mix of all the colors the new covers are going for.

  2. I posted two more of Joy’s drafts in the forums post for you. She’s playing with color-mixes now, and we’ll add options if anything strikes her fancy.

  3. 5 is sexy! Though I love that #1 the guy is looking away & u can see is profile. So #5 for me. If number 1 wasn’t red I would vote for that.

    1. Five and six were my favorites, but we ended up going with a slight variation on 7 because it looked really good on the print cover.

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