(I started my day with Judas Priest’s Breaking The Law — which naturally led to Five Finger Death Punch, and then Offspring — so I’m already a little excitable. Beware.)

First: Happy Halloween! Cosplay and chocolate, two things we hold quite near and dear.

Second: Regarding Fantasy Heights, Season Two.

I do not yet have a release date on this. We are experiencing a delay because one of my biggest concerns about Season Two is the serial roll-out format. This time, the interval between episodes needs to be much, much shorter. I don’t think anyone would be displeased with that, except there’s a price to be paid for a faster roll-out, behind the scenes. We need basically the entire season ready to roll before we release the first episode. And that means a dang-long delay up front.

So as to release date, I don’t know yet. As also mentioned, we have two projects already in the system, plus eight other projects in the queue with FH:Season 2. (At this point, with all these imaginary friends cavorting around up there, it’s amazing my skull doesn’t just… ‘splode.)

Yeah, back on topic, regarding Josh. If you’ll allow me a moment of authory indulgence, one of the problems holding up the end of Season Two is that I feel like Josh won’t be resolved to anyone’s satisfaction. Definitely not mine. One possible solution to this is giving Josh his own book, full-stop.

Opinions? Lemme have ’em.

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  1. I feel so bad that I don’t remember the ending of season one.. I got away from reading since school started up and I stopped proof reading for my friend.. But what I can tell you is that I really would have like to see Thomas, Amanda and Josh stay in a threesome . I can’t wait until the holidays are over . then it is smooth sailing for me to sit and read and reread books. I love you series. the storyline is one of my favorites.. I have to say the sex scenes are the best I have read but the storyline has me really sucked in.. love the FBI and the mob and sex and murder.. Love it.. well done.. now I’m going to start rereading them again. LOL.. and thank you for friending me on FB.

  2. If you only knew the hours and hours and hours we debated over how to deal with the threesome…

    Anyway, thanks!

  3. Follow-up: What if Josh’s book launched the Paramour Project? (It doesn’t really matter what order those books launch in…)

    1. I have been proof reading for a friend who has a working threesome. and after reading yours I could see it working too.. I don’t remember to many details about the paramour project to give you an HONEST answer about it .. I just love your writing and I am sure you will chose the right direction to go.. hopefully I will get to sit and reread soon..

  4. I would love it if they stayed a threesome too. Of course I would also love Josh getting his own book. Can’t wait for season two. Whatever you decide.

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