You knew I couldn’t go long without posting another favorite. (Or another video.)

This is a hybrid band – slash – side project between Disturbed and Evans Blue.

I love the result.

One Reply to “A New Favorite”

  1. Wow! That’s pretty intense!!! It reminds me on an article I saw on my local news last night about a mum who is treating her 3 year old with cannabis pills for his leukemia. Which are really helping him where as the chemo was killing him too! Just in 3 months you can see the boy is thriving being on the pills. How ever the local CPS are saying if the mum does not put the boy back on chemo and get off the pills they will remove the boy from his family! And will put him back on the chemo then selves! The chemo was killing him quicker than the cancer was. Basically they are saying ” kill him or we will kill him for you”!

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