If you haven’t already, please head on over to Facebook and give the Kayla The Bibliophile page a like. They’ll be doing a 5k-likes party soon, and there will likely be some Fantasy Heights shenanigans involved.

In other news, Barnes & Noble is STILL processing Gentleman’s Privilege. I need to withdraw into the writing cave today but I promise I’ll keep an eye on them. As soon as we’re live, I’ll update the Calais County page as well as the previous post.

E-mail notifications will go out tonight or tomorrow.

Also, yes, there are two more planned Calais County books. We’ve got two more Marshall boys to go: Alex (the one who drew his old flame in Sortition) and David (the one who’d gone away a couple years back). All three stories happen simultaneously.

Mad, mad props to anyone who spots the Fantasy Heights connection in Gentleman’s Privilege.

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