You want to know the only bad part of being an obsessively proud half-million-mile Toyota owner? The part where there’s a polar vortex and your beloved, ultra-reliable vehicle says, “Oh HELL no. I am not starting at 50 below this time.” (Never let it be said I can’t anthropomorphize a thing.) So instead of answering e-mails, thanking a ton of folks and touching base with our new betas, I’ve been dealing with my metallic child’s issues.

Sorry. Tomorrow should be better. (Yes, I realize I probably shouldn’t have said that out loud.)

Meanwhile, Gentleman’s Privilege seems to be selling pretty well. Have I mentioned lately that you lot rock? Thank you! Please cheer up Emma and Mr. Silver by posting a review and letting us know how we did.

(I’ve already gotten e-mail about the apartment scene. When all else fails, Google. Seriously.)

3 Replies to “Sugar On Top?”

  1. Loved that apartment scene!
    Yes did a lot of googling, (dictionary use) while reading this delish story. Learnt a lot of new words this last two days!!!

  2. Meg,
    You ROCK! you put my name in your book. I was over the moon showing it to my husband. I did not get to start reading Gentleman’s Privilege till 10:30 last evening but when I finished it at 2 AM this morning I have a very big smile on my face and some bags under the eyes. I am a FH fan at heart and can not wait for those books to return.

    1. Thanks! And if you were to go look at the fantasy heights page you might see something interesting at the very bottom.

      Just sayin’.

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