Since I have terribly exciting things to deal with today (daughter’s dentist appt), and I’m supposed to be working on FH Season 2 this week, we have time to have some (more) fun with our poor nameless Gentleman’s Privilege hero.

Let’s have an official vote! I compiled a list of all the suggestions. If you don’t find your suggestion among the candidates, don’t take it personally. For instance, “Simon” will always get eliminated because of the dreaded “Simon said” dialogue tag. Other omissions happened due to the starting-letter conflict, and still others bit the dust because of an association. For instance, “Ethan” got eliminated because one of my best friends has a son named Ethan and there would be decided ick factor involved with the naughtiness.

Anyway, here’s the official name poll: Vote for as many as you like. Poll closes midnight, CST, this Thursday. We may have to have an elimination round later; we’ll see how the voting goes.

Have fun!

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  1. This is so much fun and got a laugh out of the online polling websites name (great name)

    thanks a have a great Monday – I am near finished mine due to time differences x

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