Today’s the big day! This morning we’ll launch a contest thread over on Kayla The Bibliophile’s 5k Likes Swag-A-Thon Event page.

This is a supplemental post so that anyone who needs more info, or who isn’t familiar with Fantasy Heights can learn more.

Here’s what we’re doing in the contest thread: We are throwing Josh from Fantasy Heights onto the casting couch. In the Facebook thread, post a pic or name someone who YOU think Josh might look like.

Described as sun-streaked blond with dark eyes.
A bit older. Forty-ish.

He’s a still-waters-run-deep sort. He hasn’t much to say to people he doesn’t know well. He carries a lot of guilt about dark secrets, but when he loves someone, he loves like crazy.


GRAND PRIZE: One winner will receive a signed (hard) copy of Fantasy Heights: Season One! (Open to International) If the winner would rather have a personalized digital copy, that’s cool, too. Winner’s choice.

Fantasy Heights, Season One
This thing, right here. All nine episodes.

HONORABLE MENTION: One runner-up will receive a cameo appearance in Fantasy Heights: Season Two! [The catch is, your fellow contest entrants get to choose whether you will be a client, a performer, or a villain (who dies horribly).]

Vote here:

Supplemental stuff:
Meg On Facebook (Wow do I have a long way to go to be as cool as Kayla)
Meg on Twitter
Fantasy Heights Page (Tons of links to perma-free first episode)

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