So today is the annual hat-in-hand day when I ask (beg) everyone who’s read a Meg Silver title to please review that title on the retailer of your choice. It seems like such a small thing, but the number of reviews makes a difference in visibility, so every single review counts (and is much appreciated).

No, it doesn’t have to be a five-star review. Be honest. Feedback is hoarded like gold ’round here.

And yes, everyone keeps telling me I need a street team. I will likely get one soon as someone explains what that is…

One Reply to “Sally-Field Day”

  1. How can I give 5 stars to one book of Meg Silver’s. I can’t ! It’s impossible!! They all deserve 5 stars!!!!! And 5 exclamation marks. Each and every story or series I’ve read is amazing. I love her work. Hot, Hot, Hot !

    Thanks for writing Meg,

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