Mr. Silver is home, so you can imagine how much work is getting done around here (ZERO — I’m not panicking at all. Seriously. No really, I mean it.)

Here in the States, it’s Memorial Day weekend. We live quite near a cemetery where they hold ceremonies each year which include the firearms salute. Some people complain about the noise. In this house, we’re grateful for the reminder that the holiday is not all about sales, fishing, bbqs and mosquito repellent.

On that more-somber-than-usual note, I’m gonna go admire das husband’s lawn-mowing prowess (and pretend not to be choking on pollen).

Have a great weekend!

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  1. My husband did the same thing this morning. Before we jumped in the truck to take off for the weekend. It’s our wedding anniversary tomorrow. 5 years and I am still blown away I am actually married! Haha me being a true Brit expat, I was at a meeting yesterday where someone announced an event for the Memorial Day. I actually had to ask which day did it land on? Sunday or Monday? I really didn’t know! Everyone just laughed.

    Our Memorial Day (also known as Red Poppy Day) in the UK is in very cold November. So really, everybody IS somber when laying the wreaths.

    We have a beautiful old (for California) cemetery that is small and quaint. no saluting guns. Just fantastic flags and flowers galore.

    Yes safe week d to everyone. A good time to be grateful.

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