Happy Monday!

Today I’m scrambling to get Episode 10 out to the beta team. It’ll be nice to have it out of my hair for a few days, because my hair is a crowded place, these days. Did I mention we’ll be moving to join Mr. Silver soon? Frankly it’ll be a miracle if I’ve any hair left by end of summer.

And on that delightfully stressful note, I’m off to abuse myself over awful sentence structure.

/clink coffee mug

3 Replies to “Cawfee Time”

  1. Thanks for the awesome Monday update.

    Sorry your stress levels are so high, but in these cases I’m sure the rewards are truly worth it. (i.e…another great book out for us demanding but grateful followers; being with the love of your life again every day and night; another item marked off your checklist; just to mention a few) Hopefully the excitement levels are also high around your place as all these great things are happening.

    As for your hair situation, well, I’m hoping that a good hair de-tangler like “No More Tears” will work for ya, but if not, let me know. I’ll send some Rogaine for women or something! 🙂

    Have a great day anyway.

  2. Holy Cow – I hope Mr Silver at least lives in a warmer winter locale to make up all the stress – this summer –
    Our paws are all crossed for your sanity here =^..^=

  3. lol thanks, ladies.

    And hey, stressful as it is, anything beats living apart. ANYTHING.

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