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Wait… What?

by megsilver on July 31, 2017

Celebrating a new release with…. wait for it… an ear infection! Because apparently, I’m three years old. Okay, now that the self-pity is out of the way, let’s do some algorithm management. (AKA shameless begging) Please take a moment to review a title today. The cat demands it. Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn

RELEASE DAY: Fantasy Heights Episode 15

by megsilver on July 29, 2017

Episode 15: In high demand as a performer and stalking expert, Sophie navigates a busy, pleasure-packed week at Fantasy Heights. Unexpected visitors shake things up between Sophie and Ben. Thomas, meanwhile, turns his creative problem-solving skills onto a personal problem. Link to excerpt Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn

And-a One…

by megsilver on July 27, 2017

Files processing… Most retailers take a while. I will check again in the morning and do a release day post once we’ve got some actual links to share. Everybody ready? Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn


by megsilver on July 25, 2017

Okay, so, remember in the last post how I said, “if everything goes as planned”? Yeah. Not so much. Day-job has some issues with personal space. I was going to hurry and try to upload tonight, but this episode just isn’t ready yet. I’m shooting for very, very late Thursday night or Friday afternoon. That […]

Quick Trick

by megsilver on June 17, 2017

If you push the little Nook button over on the right sideboard, you’ll see the rest of the Season One cover updates. Help Wanted‘s cover hasn’t updated yet, but should within the next 24 hours. (Sorry, I can’t take time away from wordcount to update the covers on the site, yet. But yes, the covers […]

It’s Almost Time

by megsilver on October 31, 2016

With Episode 14 almost ready to launch, I thought I’d swing by tonight and answer the most-frequently asked question of all: Q. (paraphrased) What the fuck, Meg? Why is this episode taking so long? A. Two main reasons: First, in October of last year, I found a full-time job. The job rocks, but I do […]


by megsilver on November 29, 2015

Somehow a month has gone by without a blog post. I swear I blinked a couple time and all of November evaporated out from under me, just like magic. Needless to say, things have been busy. Mr. Silver is back on the road for the winter (boo), and I’ve undergone a career change in the […]

Episode 13: Pressure

by megsilver on August 13, 2015

Episode 13: Now that Ben has gathered the protective detail under one roof, everyone feels the pinch of proximity. Ben and Sophie cope with a change in their relationship while the past works its will on others in the house. Purchase Links: (these will go live as the book becomes available on different retailers) Amazon […]

Thank You Betas!

by megsilver on August 11, 2015

Hi, everybody. I just got done sending out a group message to the beta team, thanking them for their help. But then I thought “Fuck that, they deserve a public thank you, as well.” So… thank you to Team Yes members who helped out with this round. I know everyone always says “We couldn’t do […]