This question has hit my inbox three times already:

Q. What do you think about Kindle Unlimited? Should I sign up?

A. At this point, I have the luxury of hanging back and watching others do all the nitpicking and speculating.

Have I rushed to sign up for a trial? No.

Will I sign up for a trial? Maybe to explore a reader’s experience of the service, but it’s not a service I myself would use. My TBR pile is ginormous enough the way it is, thank you very much.

From a supplier standpoint, I don’t know. I have never experimented with Kindle Select (a requirement to ‘get into’ Kindle Unlimited). I’ve considered pulling the Calais County titles from other retailers to enter them into KS, but have never actually done it, and feel no urgency to do so.

So… No opinion, as yet. I’ll keep my ‘wait and see’ stance until we’ve all seen something from both a consumer and supplier standpoint.

In the meantime, has anyone tried it yet?

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