Hey, everybody.

If you haven’t noticed yet, starting with last weekend’s sale, I’ve made some pretty drastic changes to the Meg Silver pricing structure. Because I’ve been a long-time reader and long-time gamer, I know how it feels to see prices drop when I’ve paid premium prices for certain products.

It sucks. I hate it, and I’ve put off these changes for half a year to avoid upsetting my readers who’ve stuck with me for a long, long time.

HOWEVER — comma… there’s a simple explanation for why I’m caving in on the changes. Put succinctly, the rise to 2.99 per title works for some authors. I gave it a good faith effort, and it just plain hasn’t had the benefits other authors enjoy from that price point.

In fact, right now the Meg Silver brand is in what I call the Amazon Spiral where there are few views, few sales, almost-zero reviews, all of which kill a brand when it comes to the Amazon algorithms — “also boughts” don’t happen, the titles never reach new eyes, it’s just a slow painful death of zero visibility.

Changing the price-point might or might not help. We’ll see what happens. I just didn’t want to make these changes without any explanation and leave people wondering what the heck was going on.

Wish us luck, and as always, thank you so much for your support.

2 Replies to “Pricing Structure Changes”

  1. Well that’s shitty. Not the price change but the Amazon thing!

    Maybe you should go the other way. Price up!! Something to think about. How’s it going with B&N? That’s where I found you. On a suggested ‘other authors’

    Yes people look at price. But sometimes too little cost can leave a reader wondering why that one is cheap..
    Price increase is what I say. By a whole a Dollar!!

    Decent price (even though a few reviews) 4-5 star reviews, yes worth spending the money… That’s how my brain works.. Just saying

  2. I hare that you have had to changa your prices. You are absolutely one of my favorite aurthors . I love all your books, but, my favorites are the fantasy heights series! For those who haven’t read them, you are totally missing out on a fantastic story line and hot erotica!

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