I probably should have mentioned these in the last post, but I’m in a rush, sorry.

To create sample files for the formatting gig, I used some of my favorite books. These are available in a lot of places for free, but they’re never formatted like a normal person would do it. (No offence, but who likes reading fiction with huge gaps between the paragraphs, and no indents? Honestly.)

The EPUB and MOBI versions are available on megsilver.com for free download:

cover art for Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

[wpdm_file id=28]

[wpdm_file id=29]

Cover: Pride and Prejudice

Pride And Prejudice

[wpdm_file id=31]

[wpdm_file id=30]

Other titles I plan to make available include:
The first five (public domain) volumes of Edgar Rice Burrough’s Barsoom series (in one volume).
Dracula, Frankenstein and The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow (in one challenging-to-format anthology)

If there are any other public domain works you’d like to see reformatted, leave a comment. I’ll see what I can do.