Calais County Miniseries

I got three questions about this mini-series this week, so here comes an FAQ!


Q. Are these books linked together?
(This question is a hybrid of a lot of questions similar to: “Is Lovers Walk a continuation of Gentleman’s Privilege?”)

A. Yes, these books are linked together by a single event. This mini-series follows three different couples through the same event. So the stories run concurrently, not sequentially.

Q. Do these stories have to be read in order?

A. Not necessarily.

Q. Is this series connected to Fantasy Heights?

A. Very loosely. Bet you can’t figure out how.

Q. When will Regents Island be a thing?

A. (guilty face) When it’s done. Which it isn’t because David is being very furniture-y, and we are currently not speaking to one another.