I’m posting this at the request of two of our alpha readers. They advise that it might be helpful for readers to revisit FH Season One before picking up Episode 13 (aka The Episode No Josh Fan Should Miss. Also The Episode That Almost Killed Its Author).

Now, normally when I hear something like this from an alpha-reader (or a beta-reader) I would take it to mean I’m not doing my job well enough to help people remember names and events. But then I remember I’m writing a serial, not a series, and not a small one, either. We tend not to waste a lot of words on anything; few characters or events are throwaways. Emma and I are brutal with the editing. If something survived the cutting room floor, it means something.

So I’m caving in this time and saying yeah, you might be a little lost if it’s been a long time since you’ve revisited Season One. I myself have to do a complete read-through of the entire series, still, to make sure I didn’t screw up any continuity stuff. (Oh the torture of re-reading the phone scene, which is still a favorite.)

So. There it is, your fair warning that Pressure calls up some past events and characters.

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  1. You should mention the other comments about how much we all loathe you for the cliffhanger on this one.

    1. Sheesh, I turn my back for one minute and you’re all butthurt again. I’m gonna unplug your laptop.

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