We interrupt your regularly scheduled program to bring you news of a new serial…

Everyone, meet Sessions, the new mini-serial coming up next.

Here’s our first cover:

Cover for Sessions: Captive

Pretty sure Joy would give me THE LOOK if I did not explain that the cover is still a draft. She’s not in love with how the cover looks as a thumbnail yet; further typography tweaks expected.

The serial and episode blurbs aren’t approved yet. I’m working on those, but the gist of this thing is our heroine agrees to become our hero’s sexual captive one night per week.

Anyway, here’s a list of preliminary facts about this new series:

  1. There are six “planned” installments.
  2. These are short. Like HELP WANTED short, running between 12 – 15,000 words each. For comparison’s sake, FH Episode 13 was 40k words.
  3. These are $.99 USD each.
  4. Yes, these are very naughty.
  5. No, there is no suspense element. (Read: SO MUCH FASTER TO PRODUCE than FH)
  6. Yes, I am still working on FH Episode 14. Rylie is giving me a fucking headache, by the way. I need sympathy, chocolate, coffee and manions. Many, many manions. Preferably smart ones who love to clean kitchens and cat boxes. Who also dabble in marketing copy. And rarely speak.