With Episode 14 almost ready to launch, I thought I’d swing by tonight and answer the most-frequently asked question of all:

Q. (paraphrased) What the fuck, Meg? Why is this episode taking so long?

A. Two main reasons:

First, in October of last year, I found a full-time job. The job rocks, but I do get tired, especially because Mr. Silver is on the road, leaving me to manage kids, pets and homefires by myself.

The other reason it took so long to bring this episode all the way through production: I hated the three prior builds. They ran too long, the pacing sucked, and the sex seemed boring. Worse, all felt riddled with errors because it turns out that only writing for an hour each week can really screw up flow and continuity.

Finally, about five weeks ago I realized that things would not change around here. I would not have more time to write on ‘some other day’. If I wanted to keep writing, I would have to learn to work with the schedule I have, not the schedule I used to have. So I simply said “Fuck it,” tossed out all three drafts and started over from scratch.

Right now, I’m waiting for a couple beta-readers to finish reading before applying final polish. Once that’s done, we’ll get Renegade uploaded for sale.

I can’t promise that the next Meg Silver title will be Fantasy Heights, Episode 15. I might work on a Sessions title next. I have set a deadline for the next release, but I can’t promise it’ll happen on cue. Let’s get through this release and we’ll see how things go, yes?

Anyway, that’s the situation around here. Thank you very much for your patience.

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  1. My hubby works on the road too so I totally understand being a married but feel like a single parent! But we manage it seems! Can’t wait to read episode 14 and I’m excited for the next sessions! I’ve got to get my review up for the first one! Welcome back to the grind!

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