Oh, 2017, whatever will we do with you…

The holidays were a super busy time with the day job. Today I’m regrouping, and sneaking on here to say hi, and wish everyone a safe and happy new year. I do so appreciate everyone’s patience over the last eighteen months or so, and here’s hoping this year goes MUCH more smoothly on the writing front.

A couple announcements to answer common questions landing in das inbox:

Fantasy Heights Questions

Q. How many more episodes in Season Two?

A. Three: Overcome, Exposure, and Intimate.

Q. Will Fantasy Heights see a third season?

A. No. The number of reviews (quantity) tells me the interest just isn’t there anymore. I’ll finish season two as quickly as possible and pursue new ideas.

Q. Will Season Two see print?

A. Yep. To keep tradeback costs down, Season Two will come in two volumes. Volume one—currently underoing some tedious formatting surgery—will contain episodes 10 through 13.

Binary Bindery Questions

I can wrap basically everything up with the following: There’s little hope I can re-open to new clients. The amount of research required to keep up with industry changes is formidable (to say the least) so I feel it’s better to keep the formatting business shuttered.

Social Media Questions

Another summation: Unless something were to change drastically, you won’t see me on social media. I simply lack the time to put in consistent, equitable appearances.

Plus I have a philosophical problem with using social media as a branding tactic. Sure, I understand that it can be fun and rewarding to interact with a brand. I’ve done so myself. If I can ever come up with an idea of engaging with readers in a genuine, non-exploitative, non-invasive way, I’ll be all up in it. For now, I will continue to spend my tragically limited time putting words onto the page rather than into social media. (Yes, I suck. I’m sorry.)

Sessions Questions

Another summation (because I have to go feed people before the hangry overtakes us all): Four more novellas left in this one, and the next two will be sandwiched between the final three Fantasy Heights episodes.

Okay, gotta run. Take care, everyone!