Sorry about that last deleted post. I’m trying to clean up some stuff on the website, and sometimes I forget that I have no heckin’ idea what I’m doing.

Episode 15 is out with the beta team. If everything goes to plan*, we’ll have a new release within the next week or two.

Here’s the episode description:
Episode 15: In high demand as a performer and stalking expert, Sophie navigates a busy, pleasure-packed week at Fantasy Heights. Unexpected visitors shake things up between Sophie and Ben. Thomas, meanwhile, turns his creative problem-solving skills onto a personal problem.

Here’s what I bought myself as a treat for finishing the episode. Good stuff.

Otherwise, I have a terribly exciting day planned, including laundry, kitchen cleaning, watching all three Star Trek movies just because I can, and also working on something new and fun for the email subscribers. That’s a super hush-hush secret I’m not supposed to talk about. So subtle.

*Why do I say that shit out loud? It’s like I’m just asking for it, right?