We have, at last, come to the end of the cats whose name starts with B.

Cat: Slash

Meet Slash.

He, like his littermate Bear, will turn two in November. Another camera-shy turkey. He got his name because that white bit on his nose and lip were the very first thing I saw when he was born which—if you look really closely—matches the Meg Silver triangle-and-circle-intertwined icon.

The birthdate is the only thing he shares with Bear. This guy is a cupcake. A high-maintenance one, due to being a walking UTI. He enjoys every second of his special treatment, and likes being fed his UT-care kibs BY HAND. Yes, I am completely, 100% guilty of indulging his behavior cuz I just swoon when he comes to me for his noms. Everyone behold this monster I have created.

Otherwise, he is Booger’s shadow. Also a budding lap cat who likes hard petting and claw-hands down his back.

2 Replies to “But Wait There’s More”

  1. OMG – you have such gorgeous cats
    I wish you had 100 more – I love getting these exciting emails and reading all about them 🙂

    I get the idea there may be more cats in the Silver household but not with the names beginning with B??
    am I warm is there more furry face turkey adventures to come???

    1. Yes! Two more to go. And of course the dog, because we wouldn’t want him to feel left out. Also possibly the baby rabbit we’re trying to nurse through some grievous bodily harm.

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