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Yes, You Did Mention Cats

by megsilver on August 8, 2017

Continuing on with the Silver cats theme, here’s another one. Meet Booger. Yes, you read that correctly. The cat’s name is actually Booger. He and his sister (who will be coming up soon) are both eight years old. They’re littermates rescued from my mother- & father-in-law’s woodpile. Both cats had distemper when Mr. Silver brought […]


by megsilver on May 26, 2015

‘Twas a holiday weekend here in the States: Memorial Day. Aside from the solemnity of the occasion, for those of us who value our peace and quiet, Memorial Day means impending doom: The end of the school year. One and a half days left, here. *whimper* In other news, babycat and rescue #4 (Bezoar) — […]