I feel very much what I suspect Joss Whedon must have felt the day he found out the network wanted a Buffy: Season 6.

Five-season arc. FIVE. Not six or seven.

Fantasy Heights had a four-episode arc. Not that I ever carved THE END in stone or anything, but I’m still a little daunted, knowing I have to spread “the point” of the series out much farther than intended.

*scratching forehead, looking perplexed*

Sure, there are a lot of fantasies out there to be explored, but sex for sex’s sake is hollow. Fantasies involve a heck of a lot more than mere sexual gratification; how to keep that dangling carrot from turning into a big fat emo walrus?

Such are the easy, shiny thoughts populating my skull at the moment. Definitely sounds like the right time to go play some Minecraft.