Okay, so AT HER COMMAND finally made it through the approval channels. Book III should be hitting retailers “soon”. It is, of course, already available through Smashwords.

In other news, an early-November release date had been planned for Book IV; due to the approval delay, that date will be pushed back to give Book III some breathing room. Nothing definite as yet, and could also be affected by the following:

Due to some (read: way too much) editorial encouragement (read: nagging), Fantasy Heights Books V and VI are now in the development stages (at the same time as the two standalone erotic romances; I’m a machine, man. A machine).

No titles or cover images as yet. No spoilers, either. Except to say that Thomas has some intriguing justification for fencing off his private life (which has been repeatedly hinted at since Book I, in case anyone missed it).

Just sayin’.