Much to the chagrin of the accounting slave, we’ve given up hope that Smashwords and Amazon will ever integrate, and thusly published the whole works for the Kindle ourselves. But because individual entities cannot list free titles, we had to get semi-creative and release The New Girl with a complimentary copy of Help Wanted attached.

Perhaps not the most inventive solution, but likely the least confusing.
At Her Command went up as a separate title.
All Of Her will not be released, and no release date announced, until certain continuity issues can be resolved. (This is code for ‘internal strife between creative and editorial parties, locked in dispute over author’s tendency to get all caught up in drama and intrigue rather than fun, sexy romp time’.)
In other words, I (Meg) admittedly strayed a bit off course and went a bit wild with word count, but now am wisely listening to the rest of the creative team so that books 4, 5 and 6 won’t suck.
So. That’s what’s going on behind the scenes right now, aside from a lot of pre-holiday chaos. I’ll be spending the rest of my office hours parked in front of the storyboard, interfering with the plight of Amanda’s mystery client…