One desktop computer: officially kaput.
I wish that I had actually killed it with fire; spontaneous hard-drive death has no cachet whatsoever.

Meanwhile, I do have a backup, of course, but the writing is never the same away from that home-base desktop. So work on the new stuff will take a hit for the next little while, until I find a replacement worth buying.

(I seem to have a singular knack for killing computers just shy of a new generation of processors, when everyone’s pushing the old junk they couldn’t sell before. i3 for the same price as latest generation? Are you SERIOUS? Byotch, please.)

Anyway, if things get quiet on the socials, that’s why. I’m not dropping off the face of the planet, or anything. Or throwing Thomas off buildings. (Sorry, Thommie, but he TOTALLY deserves it.)

One Reply to “Nooooooooooooo!”

  1. Yes, yes he does but still *sniff*
    I’m sorry for ur pc, I know how it feels like being one of those people that kills computers like flies myself. Hang on in there 😉

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